Rainbow trout are one of the most pursued species in the freshwater gamefish along with the largemouth bass and also panfish. It is probably one of the easiest creatures to catch for its great stock in many banks and lakes. Interestingly, they are easy to catch with many rainbow trout bait and also lures which most fly fishermen get this in various sizes, starting from 1/2-3 lbs.


This salmon species typically lives in the cool waters of the Northern Hemisphere. This is actually Pacific Coast of Northern America which you can also find them in the Mexiko to Alaska, eastern coast of Asia and the Pacific Ocean.

Today we are familiar with the freshwater species (rainbow trout) and the steelhead trout that also lives in the sea.


Insect larva and pupae are the most favorited diet for the salmon family fish that this Carnivora feed aquatic insect as well. This also can be fed with the worms, grasshoppers, salamanders, crayfish and so ono. Sometimes we also find them feed the caddisflies, stoneflies, pupae, nymphs, small mollusks, mayflies and or course algae. Hence, those kind of diets is perfect for your rainbow trout bait as long as you do it correctly.

Rainbow Trout Bait and Lures

The best rainbow trout bait and lures are giving the diets. It is important to know the characteristic to help you decide the best bait and lures.

Rainbow trout Only Love the Usual Food


Whether it is rainbow trout bait or the lures, this should resemble the actual food. Note that you need to see their diet around the local. That’s why we suggest you see the rainbow trout’s stomach and look what they eat in common. For instance, some rainbow trout that lives in the banks love minnows and you should use it as the live baits or choose the artificial one.

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This Species Is Predatory Fish


As a predatory fish, the rainbow trout also eat nightcrawlers, small fish, and bugs. It means you will successfully catch more fish if you use those live baits.

Rainbow Trout Are Also Influenced by Odor

Another factor to consider is the odor to attract more trouts. This species generally love the live baits due to its smell. Some pupils or insects will attract more bite than usual lures.

The Most Effective Rainbow Trout Baits

Even though you can use any kind of rainbow trout baits, there are several types of baits that result in more bite.



The nightcrawlers are considered to be one of the best live bait to have for some excellence. For example, this doesn’t get off the hook with enticing movement to the trout so it can attract more bait. In term of price, the nightcrawlers are often considered to be the friendly budget live bait with such quality, even for its easy storage.

However, this rainbow trout bait has no strong natural odor and this is kind of gross if you hate it. Besides, the nightcrawlers are not hygienic unless you wear your gloves.

Hence, to put this in maximum effort, you can use the single hook to place the bait and leave enough space for your target.




Just like we have mentioned before, the best rainbow trout baits are minnows, smaller fish that live near the shores or shallow. This small live baits effectively attract the rainbow trout in the wild area.

Some anglers use minnows because they can gleam and move a lot. It means, the minnow can send the waves and signals to make them come and snoop around. Besides, minnows are easy to stumble upon.

However, surely there are many disadvantages you should understand before buying minnows as baits. For example when you store the minnows. This will be a daunting task since this should be kept alive. That’ means bringing them into another place will be so much trickier.

Forgetting the best result, use the single or double hook and place the minnow starting from the bottom.

Salmon Eggs


Another rainbow trout baits to consider are the salmon eggs since this is on their favorite menu. Besides, the salmon eggs are budget friendly with appealing color that is circumjacently can be seen under the water.

However, with the fact that the baits are dead, this will trigger the rainbow trout’s instinct, especially these baits don’t have a special odor to attract them. Hence, the special skills to put the baits in the hook is required. Make sure the entire hook is covered completely.

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If you think the live baits are tricky, the artificial baits bring another good thing that will help you attract more rainbow fish, Thanks to the technology!

The Artificial Baits

These artificial baits are the new solution if you cannot stand for the live bait with a number of colors, odors, and varieties. The color is really powerful that can provide lights when swimming underwater so it is actually the best thing to use to catch the trout. This can shine brighter than the natural bait so this can attract more curiosity. The remaining feature to note is you can combine it with any kind of bait, for example, worms.

Even though this sounds so perfect, the artificial baits still have the downsides.

Some areas with many fishermen will make the rainbow trout get so familiar with your lures that means will trigger them to avoid it. Besides, some products are not eco-friendly and it always comes at more expensive price.

Spinners and Spoon Lures

Both spinner and spoon lures can be used for rainbow trout baits due to its easiness. With the jerky motions and the, extreme brightness in the water can attract more bites. This is the most flexible lures to store that you can use in any weather. However, these types of lures don’t provide a great range of odor. So, some rainbow trout might only come closer without leaving a single bite due their curiosity has finished.

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Well, that’s our little suggestion about the rainbow trout bait that you can use. Don’t forget to use a best monofilament fishing line like from the Berkley Trilene Big Game, P-line Coroclear and so on.