You know it’s hard to beat bank fishing that’s some of the most fun, you can have the entire year, and we got a unique opportunity. Right now my good friend invited us to come out, and do some pond fishing for bass. You know we’re not going to have a boat, we’re just going to be walking boots on the ground to keep things simple we’ve got three easy setups, we’ve got a Texas rig worm, a wacky rig worm, and a weightless floating worm, and that should cover our bases and get us some bites today.

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Just by me understanding these ponds fishing, I know where you know a little bush is this fell in the water over the years. A little stump or something you know just or anything visual like you see over here, we got a job a tree that cave is a fell in the bank. You know just cast it yet just searching looking for something where you know where the fish, might be hanging. You know it’s no different than being in a boat out on a significant body of water with your electronics, and side-scan looking at trees, and stuff we just in these ponds like it’s walking around you don’t have that luxury, so you just grab a test rig, or you know bottom dragon bait just feel around until you find something. Many times want to do that we hit something we’ll sit and shake it, and that’s when many of our bikes come.

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Little Fishing Tips if you on Pond Fishing for Bass 

When you’re fishing these small bodies of water mainly from the bank, you know you don’t have the electronics, and you don’t have topographical maps or anything like that, it’s hard to understand what’s going on down there. However, you can use you can kind of read the surrounding land and the contour of the land to make a visual for yourself, of what the pond or small lake looks like when it’s drained.

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We’ve got a shallow island right over here, and you can see a little bit of the bottom when you put your sunglasses on. So you know it’s a little shallow right there you’ve got steeper Bank over there. So that tells me if you were to drain the water out of this particular pond visually, there’s some substantial depth change between here, and there. Moreover, from what I felt by dragging this Texas rig worm, I’m feeling that fall off of a little bit of a Ledge there it seems to be about three to four-foot depth changed. So now I’m making quarter and cast zeroing in on that what I consider a high percentage area I’ll make quartering casts I’ll also make parallel casts to that brake line to keep this bait in the strike zone for as long as I possibly can.

pond fishing for bass - little shallow right there (

Fish on! With Texas rig worm in the Pond Fishing for Bass

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Here you go there’s another one on the Texas rig worm, one of the most popular rigs in bass fishing. Also, I wish I could say, I did something fancy to catch that fish I pitched it out next to a log that we probably cast it 200 times this afternoon, and I guess its side to bite them, but you know that goes to show you, never know what can happen. Ain’t big, but he stretches the string a little bit.

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Oh yeah, this is a good one, look at her teeth it, oh yeah made a little switch to a trick worm here and right off the back Taught this pretty largemouth bass fish here.

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You know, don’t do what I do pay attention to what you’re doing, you know when she’s fishing from the bank. It’s your night out in the middle of a lake it takes a little bit of awareness that I don’t necessarily have gone the rear back you know you’ll catch some limbs and stuff like that. However, also on a serious note when you do something like that because it is inevitable, it’s bound to happen when you do something like that fill your line.

Through your line you know at least a good three feet from your hook, because these ponds have especially private ponds have some massive bass in it, and it would stink to catch you know to hook into eight maybe a ten pounder a fish of a lifetime. Also, have it come unglued because you didn’t check your knot.

oh, look at there. :p

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that’s awesome that look at that, that’s a Texas that’s a Texas Rig ribbon tail worm that’s all it is as something that people all over the country can fish it’s so easy. I got two rods out here I’ve got a bat pocket full of I do think three bags of soft plastics, and we’re catching them that’s awesome and time to release this fish.

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This Pond Fishing for Bass is fantastic fishing location, and now time to end this post. thanks for reading all of the stories in this post, il see you next time in another fishing categories.