In North America, trout is the 4th most popular among anglers. The fish are abundant and put up a good fight which is challenging for a hobby on the weekend. So, if you are new in the fishing world, trout are the best choice to learn. There are three kinds of trout species you can catch with the same characters that are popular among anglers; Brown, Brook and Rainbow trout. So, to make it short here are some tips that can help you.

Where to Catch Trout?
Mostly, trout are easily found in cold water especially in the streams of the river and creeks. Besides, you also can see them in the lakes and ponds.
Since they are abundant, sometimes you will see wildlife like bear catching the fish near the woods right on the stream. This fish grows in a sufficient number. Besides, you also can find them in the area of smaller fish where they usually feed.

Trout Fishing Rigs
trout fishing rigsIf you are thinking about the best trout fishing rigs, actually there is no perfect one, except you make the best fly pairing since their behavior is very dynamic. The pairing you use in the morning will be different in the afternoon, also in the night.

The trout fishing rigs for the morning is using a No.6 to a 3X leader. After that, you can add 2 feet of the 4X to the nymph hook then finish this with the No. 12.

During the midday, understand that the trout fish will appear to the surface to eat live bugs and also the dead mayflies. So, make your bait floating in the right depth.

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Meanwhile, fishing trout in the night will give you a huge payoff. Fishing in the river requires you to pick the area outside of the bends. It is because the water is calm that you will find many trouts inside. You can use the small hook with No 6 to 8 for the size and also go with the worms.

What Lures to Use for Trout for the Lake Fishing
Of course, the best lures to use are the ones that are similar to the trout prey. There are various options you can use to tackle the difficulties in the lake.

In-Line Spinners
This lures will throb in the water that can be a deadly combination to attract the fish and trigger them to swallow the baits.

stickbaitsThe stick baits can be said as the imitators of minnow that allow you to adjust yourself to the fish mood. It works to any nook and can help you reach the potential spots.

Jig & Softbait
Jig & SoftbaitAnother best weapon to try is the combination of artificial soft bait with lead-head that capable to reach various depth in the lake or rivers. This is perfect for any kind condition.
Collectively, those tips of where to catch trout and the lures, rigs or baits can be your consideration to get a nice size of trout. Good luck!