carp fishCarp fish has become popular among fishing enthusiasts all over the world. Most fishers get excited when they catch this particular fish. No wonders more and more fishing lover want to experience a great excitement of carp fishing adventure. Our article today is about water animal species that also call dirty fish. So, please read until the end as we will discuss exciting fact about carp

This day, fishing attracts people from every aspect of the society. Young and adult of both sexes enjoy this outdoor activity. The fact is that there are many fish species out there that you can catch. One of them is carp fish. This fish usually called with another name like rough, freshwater, dirt, and trash fish and so on. Before we discuss any further, it is essential to know that if you want to be successful at your fishing trips, you have to know more detail about what kind of fish that you are going to catch. This article is about trash fish and anything related to it.

The Fact of Carp Fish

They are not like crappie or sunfish that has small in size, but carp has large body dimension. Similar to largemouth bass this kind of fish is really challenging to catch to catch. This is a tough fighter fish that every angler should apply all their best fishing technique cath them.

This rough fish initially comes from Eurasia. Back in 1800 carp enter the United States for food source purposes. However, for most American, this freshwater fish considered as an inedible fish. This fish has a dirty habit. When they feed this particular fish kick up the dirt and mud. Carp really have a filthy habit. Soon people realize it and then reluctant to consume it. Most people avoid to eat carp. The fact is that there are many type fish that we can choose from.

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However, recently this trash fish gains popularity among the angler. Fishers from every place want to experience the thrill of pursuing carp fish. Carps have strong muscle, and as a fighter fish, they have substantial power to run too. To catch carp, you should have outstanding skill and equipment.

There are different carp species in the world, but the common carp is the biggest one. This fish can grow up to 10 to 25 pound with 30 inches long. In some area, many anglers catch 60-pound carp
It is worth to mention that this fresh water is omnivorous. This means they eat both animal and plants as well. They eat almost anything they found. Carp food include leave, cottonwood seeds, minnows, grass, freshwater clams, leeches, crawfish, beetles, all type of aquatic insect and many more.

Where to find carps?

One of the hardiest fish in this planet is carp. Therefore, you can find this fish almost anywhere. They can live in virtually any living condition. They are not only able to adapt to a wide range of water temperature, but they also have a high tolerance to toxic water pollutants

These fish prefer slow-moving water like a river, lake, and reservoir. However, park pond, canals, and ditches are most healthy carp living condition. Urban angler love to fish carp as they have easy access to them. However, some angler use has access to kayaks usually go to other areas closer to the shoreline.

As far as fishing technique concern, the best rod and reel is advisable as most likely that you will catch big fish. In term of bait, corn is the best lure for carp. However, many anglers prefer artificial warm to cat trash fish.

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It is true that carp is inedible. However, the excitement of fishing carp makes this fish favorite among the angle. If you want to experience real fishing adventure, prepare yourself for the best fishing excitement with fishing.