Striped Bass FishingThe Best Striped Bass Fishing Tips Another favorite game fish is striped bass. This fish also call rockfish, striper, striped bass and so on. Originated from Atlantic Coast of North America, this particular fish is migratory fish as the move from saltwater to fresh water. Catching striper is not an easy task as they continuously move from one place to another. Many anglers debate on how to outsmart striper effectively. The most challenging thing that fishermen have to face is on how to locate striped bass correctly. This is a very difficult task striper constantly move unpredictably. Some angler have to use specific equipment to find them on the water,
However, if you want to catch this striped bass, you have to read bass fishing tips and technique given below

Striped Bass Fishing tips and Technique

Fish Finder
As we mentioned earlier that this particular fish is continuously moving from one place to another. Sometime you will find them in the shallow water while at another time the like to stay in the dept. Location striper is very difficult. Fishfinder is the right equipment to helps angler locate striped bass. However, before you start your fishing trips, you have to learn how to operate this fish finder properly.

Choose the Right Bail
Another striped bass fishing tips is to choose proper fishing bait. As we all know that this particular fish is an opportunistic feeder. Therefore you can outsmart them with various type of bait. For live bait, you can use mackerel, herring, eels, blood, shad, anchovies, worm, night crawler and so on.

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Look for Optimal Fishing Condition
It is true that you can fish rockfish all year around. However, for better productivity, you have to know their behaviors.
This particular fish love to stay in the water with a temperature between 7 and 8-degree centigrade. If the water below and above those ranges the will move to other places.
During the hot sunny day, this fish will stay on the dept to hide from sunlight
Dawn or dusk is the right time for fishing as the more active than any other time of the day. These particular fish don’t like sunlight. Overcast weather also improve your chance to outsmart striped bass
Keep an eye on water movement. Rockfish are prone to feed when there is strong breeze or tide. The rise in water temperature also encourages striped bass to feed.

Use Live Eels
It has been reported that many anglers get a great success of catching monster size bass. They admit that the only use lives eels. So if you want to capture the biggest rockfish, you can try eels. Eels bait is suitable for striped bass that located in the depth of the water.

Make Sure That Eels in the Right Condition to Use As Bait
If you want to use eels as your bait, Yu have to keep them in the ice bag or dumb burlap sack. As we all know that handling eels are not an easy task. Maintaining eels on a moist and cool environment slow down the eels metabolism. This allows the angler to handle eels easily. Never submerge eels under the water as you can drop the oxygen level and kill them.

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Locating your Rockfish
If you want to find where the rockfish congregate, you will need some sonar to determine them. Sonar is the best equipment especially if you use a boat for fishing. When your boat is on full speed, you may notice on your sonar orange blotches on your screen. Inexperience angler misses this easily. So keep on eye on your screen most of the time.

We have shared The Best Striped Bass Fishing Tips. Above given rockfish fishing tips and technique are collected from various sources from the internet. Please do share to another angler that you know.