blue catfishThere is no doubt that catfish is one of the fish species that popular among the fishing enthusiast. More and more fishers try to outsmart this big size freshwater fish. There are various catfish species that you can catch. However, Blue catfish is one of the most fish among the fishing lovers. If you want to outsmart this catfish, you have to prepare yourself for real fishing adventure. Proper fishing gear like a lure, fishing rod, and line are just a few examples of preparation that needs to be done before anglers can actually catch this particular fish. Good knowledge if blue catfish habit and living environment are a big plus for your fishing success. To outsmart the biggest catfish, you have to find the right fishing spot where most big size cats live. This article is about the best river to fish blue catfish every angler should know.

The Best Blue Catfish Fishing Spot

Mississippi River
Base on professional experience Mississippi river is one of the best rivers to catch catfish. The fact is that for the last 20 years this particular river hold catches fish world record on and off. Blue catfish at Mississippi river attract fishermen from every corner of the world. They came to this river to try their luck to catch the biggest catfish possible.

Ohio River
Another excellent fishing destination for cats is Ohio River. For many years, Ohio River is known as the best catfish fishing spot by any angler. The fact is that you can find different fish species and catfish is just one of them. This particular river is known for the healthiest catfish that live there. The excellent living condition allows the blue catfish to thrive here.

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Watts Bar Reservoir
Located at Tennessee River, Watt Bar Reservoir often underestimated by many catch fish hunter. The fact is that this reservoir if proven to be the most populated river with blues. It has been reported that many anglers have a good fishing result here. So, if you want to go to the most populated river with catfish watt Bar Reservoir is the best option.

Lake Gaston & Kerr Lake
Located at Lake Gaston in North Caroline, this lake is just like heaven for the blue catfish hunter. Lake Gaton and Kerr Lake are full with catfish that allows fishermen to outsmart them easily. However, during spawning time, rarely you can catch blues here. Catfish spawning time fall on late may to early June. Otherwise, you can come at any time of the year and experience yourself excitement of catfish fishing adventure.

James & Potomac Rivers
At James and Potomac rivers tidal happen every 6 hours. Due to this condition, this particular river is loaded with blue catfish. Some fishermen are able to catch 100 pounds of catch while plenty of fish with the size of 20-to 40 pound. So if you want to fish blues, this is the right fishing spot for you.

Lake Tawakoni
Another fishing destination that attracts many fishermen is Lake Tawakoni. Located about 45 miles east of Dallas this particular lake is known for blue catfish. If you want to prove that you are a good skill angler, you should come here and show the world that you can outsmart the biggest blue catfish possible.

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Finding the best place for catfish fishing is very important especially if you want to be successful in your fishing adventure. Lakes and rivers are the best places for catfish to live. However, fishing skill and knowledge are also essential aspects of your fishing success.

Lake and river fishing activity is an excellent outdoor activity for everyone. Fishing does not only allow you to catch fish but at the same time, you can enjoy beautiful scenery both at the river and lake.