catfish baitCatfishing is very popular among the fishing enthusiast. If you are one of them, you should read this article toughly. Today we are going to discuss the best catfish bait that every fishing lover should know. If you want to catch any type of fish, you have to find the right lure for your prey. Choosing the right bait for catfishing is no exception. However, you should know that different catfish and size proffer different meals too. Overall, catfish eat base on smell and taste of their food. This is very important as our bait have to try to mimics their natural diet. Most anglers seek a various source of bait to attract this fish. Raw bacon and a slice of hot dog are just a few examples of homemade fish bait that people try. Here the best catfish bait that has proven to be useful for catfishing

4 best catfish bait

Shad fish
If you want to catch monster catfish, you have to prepare with your big size bait as monster catfish like big mail. In this case, you can use live shad, or if it is too big, then you can use cat shade. Big size catfish eat almost exclusively on other fish. Once the reach of 10 pounds, they will only feed with smaller fish around them. Shad is one of their daily diets. Shad is widely available both at the lake and river. So, the angler can efficiently use them as bait.

Depend on the size, you can cut it into chunk or strip them to suit your need. The angler should know that ” gut ” of shad produce a strong smell that attracts catfish immediately. Many experienced anglers put some shade gut to their bait. This creativity is an excellent thing in term of maximizing your success. However, when you use live shad as bait, you have to choose small size shad. A palm-size shad is always recommended.

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Chicken Liver Bait
Favorite bait among catfish angler is chicken liver. This particular chicken part produces a robust, meaty smell that can attract cats from the bottom of the lake or river. Once they arrive near it, they cannot resist biting them. Statistically, chicken liver bait does not produce larger size cat. However, catching 10 pounds cat is not difficult. Chicken liver bait is popular among the cats’ angler as they are widely available. You can get it from any grocery store near you.

Night Crawlers Bait
Nightcrawler likes the various type of insect or worms are the best for cats. They are widely available, and you don’t need to spend any penny for it. The warm has a natural smell as they are natural. If you want to use the night crawler as a lure, you need to choose the biggest one. This is a general rule as big night crawlers are more visible and produce stronger smell too.

Crawfish Bait
Most anglers know that chicken liver is good for catfish bait. However, only experience angler use crawfish for bait. Most catfish species eat a crayfish. Both death and live crawfish can be used for catfish bait. However, big size craw can easily attract medium size of cats. If you have no luck with other bait, you have to try crawfish bait to outsmart your prey.
To use crawfish as bait is easy as you can hook them on the base of the tail. Getting crawfish is not a difficult task as you can buy it from some store near you. However, if you want to get a live crawfish, you can catch your own. Finding and catching crawfish is easy. You can use a net or specific fish trap that use chicken part as bait.

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When it comes to fish cats, afford need to be made to make your fishing trip more productive. As we mentioned previously fishing bait play a significant role in your fishing success. However, good bait alone is not a guarantee of your fishing success. Your knowledge and skill is also playing a substantial rule on your success