salmon fishing scotland
If you are looking for the best place for salmon fishing, you need to go to Scotland. Salmon fishing Scotland is very popular among fishermen all over the world. Scotland is very well known for its beautiful landscape. Additionally, this country also has more than hundreds of beautiful river where you can easily catch salmon and other fish species. Many fishing enthusiasts believe that Scotland Rivers are the best river for salmon fishing adventure. Therefore, salmon fishing Scotland is very popular all over the world.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Season

The fact is that many people from all over Europe come to this beautiful country for angling. Depending on the region, Salmon fishing Scotland season are different from one place to another. However, Mid June until October are the best times for salmon fishing Scotland adventure. During this time of period, you can easily find and catch salmon in various rivers in Scotland. It is also worth to mention that October and June is peak season fishing adventure. Therefore, booking your accommodation earlier is advisable especially if you come from another country.

Before you go down to the river and start your salmon fishing Scotland adventure, preparation needs to be done precisely. You have to bring everything that you need. Just like any other fishing trips, your salmon fishing equipment usually includes: rig, line, rood and of course your bait should be ready before you start your fishing adventure. When we are talking about salmon bait, there are different types of fishing bait that you can use. Many fishermen love to use “cut bait.” In this case, you need strip fish like smelt or herring. However, the most popular bait for salmon is roe or fish eggs.

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In term of angling technique, drift fishing technique is the right option for salmon fishing Scotland as you will go down to the river. In drift fishing technique, you need to cast your bait upstream, and then you should let it flows to follow the stream toward the area that you think have salmon.

As far as license is a concern, you do not need any license for fishing in Scotland or in any part of the UK. However, a special permit is required to fish salmon in Scotland. Beat owner will issue this permit on a daily basis. You don’t need to worry about this permit as you can get it with low price.