Rainbow trout is one of the most popular fish among fisher which we can find in the fresh water, rivers streams of the Rocky Mountains. Due to its popularity, this fish is now spread in North America.

rainbow trout

The anatomy

The rainbow trout comes with shiny nice colors on all over the body. Usually, they come with olive, dark blue or brown, but it varies that it depends on the environment. Some Rainbow trouts have a pinkish band right in the middle of the body. Besides, this has silver underside which fades into white color.

Since the trout is a member of the salmon family, this usually has a large body. One of the biggest trout caught by the fisherman was around 48 pounds. Meanwhile, the average trout weights are 2-8 pounds with a 16-inch length.

The habitat

Trying trout fishing is another art, though. This fish usually can be found in an area 55-60 degree around the stream right under the gravel bottoms. However, the trout is a fish that can easily adapt to saltwater.

What Is The Best Way to Fish for Rainbow Trout?

Even though the amount of trout is abundant, there are several trout fishing tips you should do. With the average size, around 12-inch, you can safely use ultralight tackle. This is a standard fishing rig that has a spinning reel, fluorocarbon (4-8lb) and the ultralight rod.

In terms of baits, the important rule you have to follow is natural baits that are used for fishing during high periods and when you go to the muddy water. It is because the trout cannot see the flies or other unnatural baits. They only can detect the trout from the odor. Besides, it is also very potential that the trout will catch it. They even will swallow the baits so this will lead the hook to injure the bait. Hence, some of the natural baits you can start to collect are listed below:


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The worms always become the most favorite trout, even for other fish. This natural bait can help you catch the target easily. Just thread it on your hook and you can start fishing.


If you don’t like the worms, the grasshoppers or crickets can be the best option. Put it using a thin-wire hook and push it until the hook reaches the abdomen. You now can start fishing below the surface or on top of it.


Other natural baits for the rainbow troats are the minnows. It is the easiest natural baits that can still alive. However, most anglers suggest using 1-1/2 to 3-inch size which these ones work much better.


The crayfish is another dead fish you can buy in the bait shops. Many anglers use the alive crayfish, even in the jumbo size in the no 6 to 2 holder. Or, using the tail only still works well for catching a bigger trout as long as you fish in the right condition.

So, even though the rainbow trouts are abundant, you have to keep in mind to prepare some strategies so you can get nice trouts. Good luck!