Walleye Fishing TipsWalleye Fishing has become very popular among both novice and experienced angler. More and more fisherman tries their luck to catch the biggest walleye possible. Just like fishing any other fish species, walleye fishing needs skill, knowledge and also fishing gear to hunt your prey. Today, we are going to discuss Walleye fishing tips. This fishing tip is important for anglers who want to catch Walleye in the easiest way possible.

If you want to know the best fishing for Walleye that has been practiced by many experience angler this article is definitely for you. Before we discuss any further, it is essential to understand every aspect of jack salmon before you actually fish them. I divide this article into two sections. On the first section, we will discuss the basic fact of Walleye. On the second section, you will learn about important walleye fishing tips that I personally collected from the various source.

Walleye Fishing Tips

About Walleye

Sander virus or Walleye is freshwater fish native to the North United State and Canada. Sometimes this particular fish called, yellow walleye and blue Walleye. Walleye grows fast as this fish has a vicious appetite. Small size walleye feed on invertebrate while bigger size feed mainly on other fish species. These particular fish spend most of their time at the bottom of the lake or river, and they move to the surface looking for prey. This usually takes place in the evening time. This fish has a large mouth with very sharp teeth. Therefore, you should handle Walleye carefully.
Knowing walleye live and habit is crucial. This is true as you want to know where walleye live and eat. All these facts help angler to catch them effectively.

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Walleye Fishing Tips from Professional Angler

Many anglers claim that it is hard to fish this jack salmon. This claim may be right. However, I believe that if you apply these essential fishing tips, you will be able to catch them easily.

Use the proper line
To fish walleye, you have to use light line. The light line allows you to drugs your lure with less resistance. This grant to walleye to suck your bait easily.

Bottom Bouncing Rig is better
To fish walleye, you can use l-shape rig with bottom bouncing type. Bouncing rig attracts Walleye, and they will do a hard strike. In the case, you should go slowly and be steady.

Use artificial lure
Many walleye experts use artificial crankbait lure as this type of bait give a better result. However, you should choose a crankbait that mimics a real fish. As we mentioned earlier that adult walleye feed mainly on other fish. If your bait like fish or able to mimics fish, your chance to catch this jack salmon increase dramatically

Minnows for live bait

Some anger loves artificial lure while other prefer live bait. If you want to use live bait, you can use minnows. Minnows bait gives better result especially when you fish while water is clear and cold.

The importance of scent
There are many aspects of jack salmon fishing that needs to be addressed. Presentation of your bait is crucial. Additional fragrance needs to be added to increase your chance to outsmart them.

Walleye fishing is an excellent way of spending your time with family and friends. However, if you really want to catch walleye, you cannot just fish them randomly. You have to equip yourself with skill, knowledge and proper fishing gear to catch this freshwater fish.

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We have shared essential tips on how to fish walleye. I hope this walleye fishing tips if useful for you and for every angler all over the world