Northern Pike Fishing TipsNorthern pike’s angler who wants to be more successful they have to read professional northern pike fishing tips. As we all know that northern pike fishing has very popular among the angler. Anglers who love to catch big size fish they want to experience exciting adventure of catching American pike. Today discussion is about how to fish northern pike and anything related to it. If you want to be more productive on American pike fishing, please read this article carefully.

Northern Pike Fishing Tips

The basic fact of Northern Pike

American pike or northern pike has a various name to call include: snake pickerel, Great Lake spike, jackfish, water wolf and many more. Native to the northern hemisphere this particular fish live in fresh water and can be found in Russia, North America and all over Europe. Young water wolf feed on asselluses, gammaruse, dephia and other small invertebrates animals they can see. Adult snake pickerel feed mainly on other fish including their own species. Although snake pickerel are not schooling fish, during the winter month water wolf follows other fish like roach fish.

Most northern pike has olive green or white to yellow along their belly. There is a short light bar-like spot on the fins. For younger pike, they have yellow color stripes on their green body. During feeding time this particular fish is very aggressive. Jackfish is cannibal fish especially if food is limited. Cannibal action usually takes place on summer times. Cannibalism among the sibling happens most of the times. Many experts believe that cannibalism and other factors are blamed for the slow growth of Great Lake spike.

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At the age of two, the snake pickerels are able to breed efficiently. At the summer time when the temperature reaches to 9 degrees, snake pickerels start to pawn. Eggs color is yellow to orange with diameter 2.5 to 3 mm. The snake pickerel embryo stays on the bottom of the water before actually swim around. Depend on the size average survival ratio is only about 5 present. If you compare to other fish species this 5 percent survival numbers is very low. Therefore, catch and release rule are applied at any time. This helps to maintain snake pickerel population on the wild. The angler who wants to fish snake pickerel in the future they have to participate in this specific rule.

Snake pickerel love to say in the cold and clear body of water. We can find them easily hanging around weed bed hiding from a predator and waiting to ambush their prey. The fact is that this favorite game fish can adopt any water condition both brackish and clear water condition. High precaution should be taken while removing hook since wolf water has a sharp and strong jaw. It has been reported that many inexperienced anglers who get hurt from the northern pike. The hook can be easily removed with pliers yang you have to prepare it beforehand.

Northern Pike Fishing Tips and Techniques

Just like fishing any other fish species, fishing snake pickerel require some knowledge and skills. These below givens water wolf fishing tips allows anglers to improve their productivity

Water Wolf is Bait Player
Experience anglers know that water wolf is bait player. This particular fish may hit your bait and then stay still for a while. In this case, you have to wait for a while until they actually run with your bait. If you feel that they miss your bait, just wait for a while, and usually, they will hit again.

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Snake Pickerel Right Size Bait
If you want to outsmart big size snake pickerel, you need to use appropriate bait size. Large size snake pickerel will not spend their time chasing small size bait. For monster size jackfish, your bait size should at least 6 inches.

The Best Lure for water Wolf
Dardevles and jerk bait are the best for the wolf as they mimicked natural wolf food. However, you can try various types of lure including an artificial one.

Weed Bed
The best fishing location for snake pickerel is water with a lot of weeds. These particular fish love to hide there waiting for their prey. Once you drop your lure, jackfish will hit it straight away.

We have shared Professional Northern Pike Fishing Tips. If you want to outsmart monster size Northern Pike, you have to use above given tips.