Muskie Fishing TipsToday’s article is bout Muskie fishing tips. As we all know that everyone can be an angler. They just need to go down to the water throw some bait, and hopefully, a fish will pass by and eat the lure. Well, that is what every angler wants. Good fishermen will not just go at any river or lake to catch fish. If they just go down to the lake and river randomly, most likely that they will not find any fish. Many aspects need to be addressed especially if you want to be a professional angler or at least able to catch a fish. If you’re going to fish Muskie, for example, you need to know about Muskie fishing tips. These tips help angler to outsmart Muskie easily and effectively possible. Additionally, knowing everything about Muskie gives additional benefit for the fisherman who wants to catch the biggest Muskie fish possible. Before we share essential tips on how to fish Muskie fish, we will discuss on an important fact of Muskie fish

Muskie Fishing Tips

Fact of Muskie
Esox masquinongy or Muskie are freshwater fish that originated in North America. The real name of his fish is Muskellunge. Muskie is just a nickname. Do you know that this particular fish will hunt their prey who 30% larger? Muskie feeds mainly on muskrats, mice snakes, frogs, ducklings, and any other small mammals. During the spring this fish they tend to feed a small size prey while in the fall large size preys are their favorite. They feed on large size prays to prepare themselves for the coming winter. The angler should know this habits as it will reflect size if lures used.
As far as living condition concern these fish love clear water condition with a lot of weeds and rock outcrops where they can rest and hunt their prey. Muskie fish love shallow water with plants or rocky shoreline.

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Muskie Fishing Tips and Technique

Find the Right Water Body
Muskie fishing preparations need to be done correctly. The angler should know water body condition before they actually start their fishing. If possible use maps to check water dept ground contour and so on. This important measurement helps angler to fins Muskie location.

Lure Size
Another Muskie Fishing Tips is choosing the right lure for each fishing season. As we mentioned earlier that Muskie loves smaller size bait and lure especially when water is cold. When the fall arrives, you can change your lure size to big one. This is important to understand the Muskie habit. During the fall they tend to feed large prey as they prepare themselves to face winter season. This simple Muskie fishing tip affects significantly to your Muskie fishing success

Proper Setup
You are going to catch large size of fish, so prepare your gear seriously. Use only heavy-duty fishing pole and for the fishing line should range between 20 to 25 pound. Your leader wire should pass a test for 100 pounds. To catch proper monster equipment is a must.

Best Lure for Muskie
Many experienced anglers use live bait to outsmart Muskie. If you want to use live bait, you can use an extra large minnow or small size frog.
Fishing Muskie is just like catching the monster. So you have to be ready with every possibility. Prepare yourself for serious fishing combat once they bite your lure. This giant fish has enormous power.