catfish fishing tipsCatfish fishing tips are essential for every angler who wants to catch the biggest cats ever. We all agree that fishing has become popular in our society. Young and adult of both sexes love to go to the lake or river to enjoy a great outdoor activity. Catfish is one of the most popular game fish that every fisherman wants to outsmart them. If you’re going to fish cats, you can do it at any time you want. It is true as there are many places near you where you can catch this particular fish easily. However, if you like to be successful catch fishers, you have to know how to do it. Today, we are going to share various fishing tips that help you to be more productive on your catfish fishing activity.

Catfish fishing tips

Expert anglers know that every fish species have a different live cycle, habit and living condition. This is important as we want to find the best way to fish them. Catfish live at the bottom of pond, lake or river. So, in this case, the angler should aim their bait directly to the bottom of the water body. So fly-fishing technique is not applicable here. The fact is that this scavenger eats almost anything they find. However, they love smelly bait and live bait as well (At the end of this article I will share the smelliest catfishing bait that you need to know)

Another catfish fishing tips are about weather. If you want to catch salmon, you need to go down to the river at salmon season only. For catch fish, on the other hand, you can pick them all year, but for the best result, you need to watch out the weather. 70 degrees temperature is the best time to outsmart them. However, many anglers still have good productivity when the temperature ranged from 50 degrees to 80 degrees. Fishermen who go down to river or lake at night while the wind still usually has more fish to catch. On overage, this particular fish can grow from 10 to 15 pounds. However, some fishermen can outsmart 50lbs of catfish and more.

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When you handle catfish, you have to pay attention to its fins. This is a substantial part located on the side and dorsal side of their body. This water animal sense noise and light more than any other fish. So, experience angler goes at night to catch them. Remember, be quiet and never flash your torch to the water if you don’t want to scare your prey away.
Fishing catfish need to be patient. Keep quiet and let them eat your bait and stay still for 10 seconds to set your hook up. Be ready ad big catfish has enormous power to fight back.

Before you go for catfish fishing adventure, you need to prepare everything needed for your fishing trip. Choosing the right catfish bait is vital as the right bait determine your fishing success. There is various type of catfish bait available in the market. You can choose any of the commercial bait to suit your need. If you don’t want to spend too much money on the bait, you can make it your own bait.

Another catfish fishing tips are choosing the right bait. Catfish love corn. Both canned sweet corn and feed corn can be used as catfish bait. However, any corn that used for bait should be in soft and wet condition. Feed corn needs to be soaked and boiled before used.

Second most popular catfish bait is chicken liver. The fact is that there many success stories from the angler who use this type of bait. The chicken liver produces a strong smell. Cats love bait with a strong fragrance. In most cases, catfish bite your chicken liver bait strait once you drop it in the water. Therefore, more and more angler uses this particular bait for cats.

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I have shared the best catfish fishing tips base on my personal experience. I hope this catfish fishing tips and technique is useful for everyone. If you like my fishing tips, do share this article with others. Sharing it on your social media is highly appreciated.