Fishing for catfish and other big predator fish has a faithful following inside the UK. In this newsletter, we’re going to lift a quick review of what’s wanted within the way of fishing address if you need to pursue this wily fish.

Where to Find Catfish

sunken trees - catfish location

Catfish’s numerous sunken trees, reed and weed beds, deeper water and holes. Although they choose these locations, catfish will variety a long way and extensive while feeding, so anglers have a massive array of positions wherein they can drop their bait. These fish additionally can also congregate close to sandbars and gravel bars. Their weight loss program is quite variable and consists of mussels, crayfish, snails, shrimps or even useless fish.

Fishing Rods and Reels for Catfish

12 feet rod for catfish
12 feet rod for catfish

A fishing rod period of approximately 12 feet with a 2 half of pound check curve is ok for catfish. The fishing pole motion is especially vital in catfish rigs. The time period “motion” refers to how the pole reacts to bending force and its fee of healing to a neutral function. Tip action rods flex greater towards within the tip, and gradual motion rods flex greater toward the butt. For catfish fishing, pick out a thru-motion rod in which the ability is balanced between tip and butt. A reel for catfish fishing device ought to have a capacity of at least 200 yards for 12 to fifteen-pound test line. This more substantial amount is vital because these fish are capable of walking long distances. Fishing reels for catfish must have the bait runner function that permits the angler to pay out line freely without tension to the fish. A flick of a lever returns anxiety to the spool.

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Hooks and Leaders for Catfish

Cаtfіѕhіng Tасklе - bіg catfish hook (
Cаtfіѕhіng Tасklе – bіg catfish hook (

Choose robust, sharp hooks with a wide gap to your catfish fishing equipment. Double or treble hooks aren’t endorsed, as they’re no longer taken into consideration a humane way to hook a fish. These hooks are capable of pinning the fish’s mouth closed, ensuring sure death need to it escape the fisherman. Because of the areas frequented by catfish, pick out an abrasion resistant line for leaders. The edge is likewise abraded employing the fish’s teeth. A skinny and supple braided leader is also advocated. Never use a wire chief as it could irreparably harm a catfish’s mouth.

Landing a massive catfish can be an undertaking for the most skilled UK angler. The right fishing tackle could make the difference between achievement and failure.