If you are thinking about trout fishing NC (North Carolina), of course, this is a different case to discuss. North Carolina is a paradise for anglers with the abundant stock of trout in the fresh water. Around mountains of Western Carolina, there are 3,000 miles of lakes, rivers and also streams that can give you the best satisfaction of fishing activity.

What Are The Best Times To Fish In North Carolina?

March – April – May

These months are the peak season for fishing in North Carolina as the trout will actively feed during the day. Meanwhile, in the night the trout will dissolve the oxygen.

June – July – August

During this time, try to fish in small lakes or look for the shaded streams where the trout will actively feed.

September – October – November

During these days, the temperature will be colder and will lead the fish to actively feed as the sun also appear shorter.

December – January – February

The trout are not so active like other months because colder temperature and drastically increase the amount of dissolved oxygen. So, that’s why fishing during these months will be less productive.

Where to Catch Trout in North Carolina?


Hazel Creek is a medium stream that is best known also as Tar Heel. This area is popular at wild trout with brown and rainbow trout in the stream. Enjoying camping for three days will be very delightful.

Forney Creek

For you who enjoy the solitude during the fishing time, the Forney Creek is the best option to visit. It flows to the Fontana shore and can be reached with easy hiking. For you who wish fishing time without pressure, the Forney Creek can be the next destination.


Another area that can be your favorite destination is the Lost Cove Creek. This area becomes the part of the catch-and-release program from North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. The area is friendly with the pure mountain water. You will find dominant rainbow trout species here.

North Toe River

In this North Toe River, you will find wild trout water. This place is really challenging with its massive boulders around the pool. The small stream is a perfect place for the brown trout, and also rainbow trout. Besides, you can also find the camping spots.


The location is really stand out that allow you to catch the wild rainbow, the brown and also the brookie. It has a plenty of wild fish that will let you enjoy your hobby longer and more peaceful.

Well, it is not a big deal to try something new in North Carolina. There are many good things you can do besides catching trout. However, be sure you read the maps so you can understand when is the right time and what is the best equipment to prepare before you go making an action. We think there is no reason not to try those list. The scenery is really peaceful and the trout are abundant. So what else do you wait for?

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