Bluegill Fishing Tips Important Bluegill Fishing Tips Every Anglers Should Know. Welcome to our blog, today we are going to share the essential blue fishing tips that every angler should know. If you proclaim yourself as a professional angler, you should know how to fish bluegill. Fishing bluegill is not as difficult as most of us imagine. It is true especially if the fisherman knows how to catch them. In this case, learn how to hunt bluegill from professional angler is advisable. Fishing tips that you are going to read are approved by top bluegill expert that has ample experience in bluegill fishing. As we all agree that fishing requires skill and experience.

Additionally knowing fish species that you are going to hunt is also very crucial. Many anglers fail to get any fish as they catch wrong fish at the wrong time. If you want to fish bluegill, you have to know everything about this particular fish. Knowing how bluegill lives allow you to locate them quickly. Therefore, I divide this article into two sections. In the first section, you will learn about the necessary information of bluegill. The second section is about bluegill fishing tips.

Basic information of bluegill

Some angler calls this fish as panfish. The different region also calls blue fish differently like a copper nose, brim or bream. This particular fish is not scared of human. In some places, children often play with them. Angler sometimes catches brim and use them as a lure to catch bigger fish. Brim love to swim in shallow water. They usually swim in a group looking for food. This copper nose feeds mainly on water insect larva, crayfish, snail, water fleas, rotifers, leeches, and other smaller size fish.


Interestingly brim feed on aquatic vegetation too. This is true especially if there is no other food available. As far as size concern, adult brim can reach up to 12 inches long and over 4 pounds. Spawning time takes place between May to August. During this period of time, they usually more active than any other month of the years. This is a good time for fishermen to catch them.

Bluegill Fishing Tips

Artificial Bait
For better result, you can use small size artificial lure. Gulp’s cricket bait, power minnow, and Berkley’s micro are few examples of small size artificial bait.

Use Best live Bait
If you want to outsmart this particular fish with live bait, you can use wax warm, cricket and beetles. These kinds of lure are proven to be useful to catch brim.

Don’t feed them
If you want to fish them, you have to place your bait tight and proper. Otherwise, your lure will go away quickly as this brim is known as bait thief.
Don’t be in a hurry
If you use a lure to catch brim, you have to retrieve it slowly. The reason is that this particular fish feed on anything moves gradually. They down like to chase down food. Therefore move your lure slowly, and hopefully, they notice your bait. Once they see it, within no time, they will suck your lure straight away.

For Bluegill Size Really Matter

If you want to hunt bluegill, you have to try small size lure. If you use jig use no bigger than no bigger than 1/32 ounce. For live bait use hooks with size no 8 and size no12.

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Fishing bluegill is relatively small size fish. However, fishing cooper nose is really great fun. For better result, you just need to follow the above-given bluegill fishing tips.

We have to share essential bluegill fishing tips that I collected from many online sources. If you think this article useful, please do share with other fellow anglers