Fishing wide mouth bass becomes the most popular gamefish in North America for its huge mouth and flexibility to adapt to various habitats. The wide-mouthed bass or the largemouth bass is a family of the sunfish, Centrarchidae. It is a long and streamlines sunfish with a wide mouth with the wide belly and lower sides. You will typically find this fish without dark spots on the belly, but has a dark stripe right on each side. Typically most wide mouth bass comes with 10-20 inches with 1/2- 4 1/2 pounds in weight. For the super big species, this is a 24-inch with 15 pounds weight.

There are several best place to see the wide mouth bass in America, including Ashley Access, Ballwin, Belcher Branch Lake CA, Bennet (Rudolf) CA and Big John Access. generally, they love the warm place like in the shallow of the lakes, rivers or reservoirs. The largemouth bass typically loves a place with thick vegetation, fallen trees or somewhere that is covered with wood. Therefore, the best time to catch a bass is when summer and spring which vegetation is in its best condition that this wide mouth fish will look for crayfish and preyfish for food.

Wide Mouth Bass’ Characteristic

It seems like the wide mouth becomes the greatest part for the fish to catch its food. The wide mouth bass attack many things from microscopic, prey, zooplankton, ice, ducks and even snakes. However, mostly the wide mouthed bass relies on crayfish and prey fish.

As it has the smaller brain, you can say this bass is easy to fool with some lures that reveal a natural live bait looks.

Facts About The Wide Mouth Bass

As they are the most popular species in the United States, many fishermen learn about this fish that still leaves a number of mysteries that you might not know. The following characteristic and facts will help you understand the wide mouthed bass so you can catch them more.

They Don’t Fight When Male Bumping into Female Bass

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Maybe you think that these large mouth fish are fighting as the male is bumping into females. This is not a domestic dispute that on the contrary, the males are trying to stimulate the females to release eggs. To be sure, this is a wonderful ritual, right?

The Bigger the Bass, The Sooner They Spawn

It is interesting when we are talking about spawning phenomenon. It is the fact that the bigger the bass, the sooner they spawn due to its metabolic impetus. Interestingly, the male will guide the females while spawning. Therefore you will see both female and male near the spawning area.

Some Belief Wide Mouthed Bass Are Intelligent

Even though bass is typically easier to fool with lures, conversely this creature is pretty smart. They can learn from the mistakes. Hence, this might be the most correct way when you catch a bass with certain hour, do it on the first try only. They will slip in the hook and break the line, or they might mist the clutch and memorize it in the memory. In the future you give the same lures and bait, they might never come to you as they know they will get trapped.

What Are the Best Baits for Wide Mouthed Bass?

So, there are two points to underline about the bass. First, the largemouth bass is easily to fools by creating naturalistic flashes. At the same time, bass is smart as they can memorize something that fools them. So, this is the art! You need to avoid mistakes to catch their attention.

Fishing Wide Mouth Bass Tips

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Hence, fishing the wide mouth bass needs different tricks whether how to choose the best lures and technical fishing. The following steps are some guides from professional anglers you can follow.

Bass Love Wounded Prey

The wounded prey is bass’ favorite, especially in the shallow water. So, as you find the plastic worms torn up, just save them.

Create Injured-look Baits

The spinnerbait with the pink or redhead is much better to get an injured-look. The red color will make the fish think it injured and simply they will bate at it.

Your Hook Should Be Sharp

You can use a file to sharpen the hook everytime you catch a fish. Sharpen the hook before the trip. At least you do it in 30 seconds. This could help you penetrate the fish.

Face the Wind

You need to add some distance as the bass will swim with the current. The farther bait, the better before they find your boat.

Spring Is the Best for the Shallow

In the spring, it is better to concentrate with the shallow areas which are the best time to spawn. Most bass will likely guard the eggs fro the wind.

Seasonal Baits

Interestingly, the wide mouth bass eats different bait every season. At the early year, they love crawfish so it is suggested to use the peach-colored patterns. In the summer, the best lures to use is the silver or chrome baits.

Know the Right Time

The best time to fish a bass is in the morning and few hours before evening. The cloudy day is the best time for you to catch the bass. Even when the pre-spawning. Try to avoid the cold season like winter and autumn.

Examine A Caught Bass

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As you have successfully caught the bass, examine the inside of its mouth. Sometimes, when the bass starts fighting you, they will throw everything in their stomach. At this time you can learn what they eat around the local area. so you can decide what is the best bait for the next fishing game.

The Size Doesn’t Matter

Remember that the wide mouth bass has the big mouth so it doesn’t matter if you use the bigger bait to attract them. You know, the wide mouth bass can eat snakes and ducks. So what’s the problem with the baits? The key point of fishing is knowing the strategy and the characteristic of this species despite being familiar with the shallow.

Happy fishing!