Morning guys, I’m now will writing post about How to Catching Crappies in the Summer with Tube Jig Hooks, this morning was pretty lovely looks like it’s not going to be mostly sunny to be about 80-degrees today, not too much wind. We’re going to head out we’re going to try to find some crappies fish, and we’re going to start out looking for catching crappies in the weeds the spot we’re fishing today. We haven’t been to in a while so probably going to have to jump around from weed bed to weed bed and see if we can find some properties we’re going to get out there.

Catching Crappies - tube jigs (

Alright, guys, we’re here to the first spot. I am speeding up I’m looking for the goat, I’m going to start out with somewhere wants to start out and charters – Xfinity like start with we’ve got a little bit of wind now this morning or windier side of the lake.

I think we’ll be able to get this up. We’re fishing in some deep weed I said, you know how deep they are probably not too bad, 3-6 to 8-feet 3-5 to 8-feet. We’ll put a bobber ID to keep my upbeat get snagging all the time.

Catching Crappies - bluegill (

Let ‘s go up with the first crappie fish here. It’s a nice one there, at least it feels like a nice one bluegill gives on the weeds, it’s a pretty bluegill nice sunfish. This guy was pulling I’ll tell you my slogan fish hooked up with a beautiful fish. I even know what I got here bill does nice crappie here hold what a bad guy had is a nice crappie guys, look at this thing we’ve been struggling this is a tank of fish it right crappy is beautiful big crappie. Just hanging out a little thicker so him on my tube jigs. The skirt that pushed it back, he doesn’t take many of those to get supper here.

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Catching Crappies (

We go, guy, this crappie just pounded it look how far that jig this down his mouth he just crushed it. Because of it, I’m going to I need the place to get anyone heart probably. I can find this might work less, might be a little bit thanks for playing that’s got fish going to cry be back there good eating sighs crappy can play that one came on pink tube cops are pretty tight. This morning we have to work for them but picking up a few here and there, hopefully, they pick up your little bags hooked up drop me like victorious, and that is a good year.

Here we go over How to Catching Crappies in Summer with Tube Jig Hooks, nice crappie whoa take it easy this here. So it’s a right eating size crappie got him on that chartreuse tube we’re fishing. A little bit different weed, but it’s a bit shallower so that guy was sitting shallow for whatever reason. See if you’ve got some friends out there. Suns are starting to come up nice little chilly this morning, in that wind. So it’s not that fish got them, this one is not as big that’s back-to-back cast perch. So we got crappie, and a perch my first to cast remember the day.

Catching Crappies - small perch (

We’re both hooked up, and we got double crappie going on. Here I got mine in the vote that’s got a perch presently nice-size critics see that perch. What is it sweet crapping here, that’s another nice perch? We’ll take those all sudden, and we got into some perch the nice, well it’s not terrible perch at a huge skirt that’s perch guys, pop this perch, this is a nice perch. Please come home for supper.

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alright, guys, that’s it for today we caught a few fish it was tough it didn’t warm up very fast today it was pretty cool out there but we ended up with a beautiful mixed bag of traffic and perch.

we’ll take it this is your first time here I’d love to have to repeat thanks for reading this article about How to Catching Crappies in Summer with Tube Jig Hooks and I’ll write more fishing tips, see you next time.