If you’re a carp fishing beginner or an experienced bait maker you could continually analyze something with a view to make a large distinction for your fulfillment! Semolina is one of the most used carp bait elements in recipes but why is this? Semolina carbohydrates are utilised for strength, and different roles and nutritional functions too! Semolina is one of the fundamentals of carp baits so find out deeper info on what it’s far, how it’s miles excellent used and why carp love it!

It is my assumption that except eggs and plenty of different not unusual kitchen and cooking meals that pioneering bait makers attempted of their carp baits, that semolina turned into something people tried and determined within the starting to be functionally beneficial. Semolina is certainly a carrier substance this means that it may be exploited in boilies and different baits by means of utilising its capacity to take in any of many numerous liquids.

Winter or in truth every other time of 12 months is great for semolina as it is such a useful provider for anything stimulating beverages inside your baits plus it helps makes bait greater reasonable!

Just add boiling water to semolina powder and you may observe how this reacts with the gluten, lectin, starches and so on in it making it bind together. When it cools you can take out a tasty solid mass which was as soon as a flowing granular powder! I’m sure like me, many home made bait makers note this belongings and utilise this belongings! Of course anybody who has ever brought sugar or strawberry jam or maple syrup, or cinnamon to their semolina knows how useful semolina is as a service for extra palatable materials which make you eat more!

Semolina is as its simplest a practical binding bulking factor not simply for boilies or pastes however a myriad of floor bait codecs and other baits too. Its use as a reasonably-priced, cost-efficient binder way it’s been a mainstay in carp baits for many years. I do wander why semolina has been used like this rather than different carbohydrate binders and starch and different strength assets and I even have a few private recommendations having used both hard and tender styles of wheat flours and food for decades.

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Other normally resources used popularly at diverse instances and in numerous countries are normal and whole meal wheat flour, layers mash and other wheat-rich overwhelmed grain and seed chicken and puppy feeds, maize and maize meal, soya flours and soya food, peanut flours and other nut meals, and tiger nut flours and food rice flour, potato flour, corn starch, custard powder, Lamlac, Vitamealo and other energy-wealthy decrease protein milk powders. Also: polenta, farina, potato starch, cracked maize or grits, and other starches and additionally sugar-rich sources, and cutting-edge assets include vanilla extract powder and CC Moore’s CLO, Meggablends and so forth.

In terms of vitamins, proteins have been presented as the most vital element in making carp baits. There is a huge distinction between making baits that fulfill a range of vital dietary requirements, as compared to baits which might be simply optimised to cause fish feeding! All you need to do is take a look at the elements lists of top class grade koi fish foods and aquaculture feeds to comprehend such foods are not clearly optimised to make fish feed as these are compromises of fish feed-triggering and critical dietary necessities deliver.

Baits sincerely do now not ought to include vital nutritional elements to cause excellent fish feeding! This is comes as a relief to human beings concerned approximately the complexities of amino acids, peptides and optimising movements of carp digestive enzymes etc and you can truely make baits with out proteins and out fish protein baits, that is even though they’re enzyme-lively or optimised for digestion.

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Carbohydrates as found in wheat flours such as hard durum wheat flour (semolina) in the past was taken into consideration part of inferior baits, whilst so called crap baits as their convertible dietary value and also feed-cause density are lower as compared to different ingredients that are a long way more potent in the ones residences and traits, yet carbohydrates are essential to carp!

Not simplest this however so-referred to as crap baits of low nutritional price have stuck literally hundreds of thousands of carp including many lake facts and even a massive 60 plus lake file from Rainbow Lake within the beyond! Even extremely famous circuit waters had been torn apart by means of semolina carbohydrate baits, which includes the capture of most of the large fish in Darenth huge Lake whilst over a ton of such baits become utilized in one season to my positive understanding!

Semolina Carbohydrates have extraordinarily treasured health and roles internally.


Many ways that critical proteins consisting of important and semi-essential amino acids are utilised inside the body entails the formation of important materials which can be shaped from the combining of carbohydrate molecules and amino acids, which includes such things as defensive fish slime and defensive mucus that is secreted over the eyes and receptor web sites including inside the nasal cavities. It is such linings that make sure that fish do not immediately dry out and are critically damaged when you cast off them from water upon capture!

I guess you could appreciate now how a lot greater critical it’s miles to keep fish in the cool and shaded and provided with water to hold them wet while out of water, maximum specially inside the heat of summer season and additionally in windy situations too!


I guess the purpose that semolina became greater popular (in boiled paste boilies) than gentle wheat flour, turned into that aside from its binding qualities in baits, tough durum wheat flour (semolina) is also a bait hardener, not right away water-soluble and is nearly a substance that makes sticky bait recipes more able to be rolled into balls in rolling desk and without difficulty extruded via machine and so on with out intricate sticking.

Semolina makes baits less assailable and more resilient that everyday exceptional soft wheat flour. But now everybody is aware of that hardness does no longer prevent so-referred to as pest species ingesting the toughest of baits anyway! Personally for selfmade pastes I decide on gentle soluble wheat flour no longer semolina, but absolutely for the ones wishing to roll boilies it’s far a sensible factor.

In my revel in there’s really nothing in any respect terrible approximately softer baits specially the use of extra water-soluble binding materials like normal wheat flour or genuine complete meal wheat flour! I actually have caught numbers of larger carp the usage of soft wheat flour in my baits and now not semolina, and it is also a treasured a part of my ground baits of many formats too! Semolina is not as soluble and no longer as energy-efficiently digested by way of carp.

Soft wheat flour is also tons much less used so this is any other first-rate facet and permit’s not forget about that bread utilized in stick mixes and so forth is crafted from smooth excessive gluten very soluble best gentle wheat flour.