What is up guys, so I to give this article a little context, I flew out to Colorado with my friend we’ll do some fly fishing for trout in the mountains and had a lot of fun catching fish it was an excellent experience for me. Because it’s different than the kind of fishing I do here in Michigan, so I learned a lot had a lot of fun hopefully guys enjoy this post so let’s get read it.

Fly Fishing for Trout (captchrisfishing.com)Alright guys, got my first challenge it’s a little rainbow trout I found a pool, and there was tons of trap in there, and this is not I heard “your hook one” and missed it home have in your camp going. I should have awesome we fished all yesterday, and I will call my buddy here I was fishing with he caught one fish nice brown trout, and my first salad took up a little rainbow trout that’s awesome.

This is Fly Fishing for trout my first strike 

Fly Fishing for Trout - mountain (captchrisfishing.com)Look, it’s a beautiful sight, I mean to see what I’m fishing around it’s fantastic here this wonderful is incredible as this trout they do not like a rainbow trout 15-pounds. I mean they do not like big trout they are fantastic colors, and the fly fishing scenery in this area it is hard to be. What I did this on the turn sheet a few months ago, and I did not know I did as an optional Fusion fly flew around a small 112-inch rainbow trout collar. Here and my friend would have him down him in the air because he was at the Academy school Air Force and so he invited me here. I flew here, and it was not the best temperature it started to snow a bit but during this drought made it worth me back I became one of the little guys we need for the river all do is fighting their bravery all the muscles.

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Fly Fishing for Trout - beautiful trout fish (captchrisfishing.com)

look at this trout this is a beautiful fish, I mean the colors on them, it’s hard to tell yet camera doesn’t even show how beautiful these fish. are just the red cheeks red stripe down, the side of them I mean fantastic looking fish amazing colors on this fish, so let me go.

Well then it comes off almost there made it, who there we go pretty steep dropdown. But hey hopefully, we can catch some fish now man this is awesome. I would trade this for what I call fishing with any day I mean this is just such a different kind of fishing. Just look at he’s rocked everywhere rocks pine trees everything else natural flowing river clean and no trash anywhere. This is just awesome. Unfortunately, the trout aren’t biting like I’d like them to the fishing could be a little better. But I’m still having lots of fun it’s all about experiencing it and you know I guess it wouldn’t be as rewarding to catch these trout if they were super easy to catch, so that’s one way to look at it.

This is Fly Fishing for trout my second strike

alright guys, again my second fish on. unfortunately, so here’s the rainbow trout beautiful looking fish probably like 18 inches or so around there excellent quality fish great looking colors on it and we’re going to get we’re keeping in the water to you know really as well, and you want to take good care of these fish they’re free delicate, nice looking rainbow trout going to let go here and Let em grow.

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Fly Fishing for Trout - 2nd Rainbow trout (captchrisfishing.com)

This is Fly Fishing for trout my third strike

There you go, fish I was that little brown, nice first round trout and just going to fight him on like this. Nice first brown trout fish, I just turned my camera on and saw the few little fish swimming through there, and the fiddle limps out.

Oh no I don’t like looking might be a foul hooked tell, it’s funny pulling more like, but I think I see something either my hook or someone else hooks in his side. I hope I don’t fall hook them because doing that I don’t count as you know catching a fish. Not very big one but my first brown of the trip third child of the day, so that’s good. excellent I was worried there for a second, and I want to get my first Brown snagged, nice view the full looking colors on this guy, nice looking fish bring it back in the water and hopefully catch a few more.

This place it looks so amazing makes me never want to fish a little pond or like again I mean there’s there are people around them you know there are other people fishing here like a secret small area but it’s a spotless area, very natural, and it’s not a tragedy with people, and so it this is a fantastic place to fish, I was like I do this every day. This mountain lots of rocks jumping that’s for sure play excellent scenery look at that.

Fly Fishing for Trout - mountain (captchrisfishing.com)

This is Fly Fishing for trout my fourth strike

There we go fourth fish on guys! Sweet god, was a little rainbow awesome he’s not fighting that hard, he goes in the edge but sweet for my fourth fish. I will hook individual action earlier but it’s my fourth legit fish, just again in these mountains, and you can’t beat this. I wish I could do this more often. Alright let’s see if I can guess the guy in first, nope I will keep going long run least he’s just like messing around right in front of me. There we go, alright here’s two rainbow trout, beautiful looking rainbow nice colors on them, look at that fish that’s awesome bring again back in the water. Here is their already queer that came out the net and you could be fired up he’s been struggling for trying to get the weight for a while now. So I don’t go on his own time perfect to see you later dude!

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Fly Fishing for Trout - release rainbow (captchrisfishing.com)

it’s time I went back home and I ended my post about fly fishing for trout in the mountains. thank you for reading this article until it runs out, enjoy my excitement when fishing is only on this blog.