fly fishing for smallmouth bass into the River (

How’s it going guys so today I’m going to be doing some fly fishing for smallmouth bass into the River? Today is gonna be the day hopefully I can try to figure them out a little bit and actually really target them and gun some good numbers most of the time I’ve caught them with when I’m fly fishing for pike. I don’t really have too much experience you know explicitly going after them with the fly fishing, so for that reason, I’m only bringing my fly rod today. I don’t want to bring any conventional gear, because I’ll probably end up getting discouraged and switching to that which won’t really help me get better at fly-fishing for them. Anyways the bugs are pretty bad in these woods, so I’m gonna try to get into the river, hopefully, find some beautiful fish and let’s go.

The fly fishing for smallmouth bass is begin

There we go there’s a smallmouth? nice feels like it could be a decent one now no it’s a really light rotten that used to rock. Okay never mind, it’s a really small of that rock bass? Yeah, it’s a little rock bass! Excellent, well on the bright side my first rock bass on the fly rod. Choked that small Clouser minnow,

fly fishing for smallmouth bass - minnow on rock bass (

pretty cool, time for release this cute rock bass.

fly fishing for smallmouth bass - rock bass released (
fly fishing for smallmouth bass – rock bass released (

Oh, there we go another fish, oh dang it! That actually felt like a decent one I’m gonna say that a lot probably because I’m used to using the eighth weight but that when I went he hit it really good and I don’t know maybe I find an excellent little spot right here.

fly fishing - bass fish start biting (
fly fishing – bass fish start biting (

Let’s try another cast, there we go! There’s a fish, what is that? That is feeling a lot bigger! Oh my gosh, I think this is an excellent smallmouth dude! Man, it’s so much more fun fighting these guys on the light fly rod I’m used to my 8 weight which when you get you like a big smallmouth in an 8 weight like I mean like a 4 pound or something that’s a lot of fun. But if I catch like an 18 inch or 20 inches or today on this rod, it’s gonna be a blast, or this current right in the middle of me and on the far side of the banks is a little area of still water and I’m casting to that. And kind of pulling it through the current, and they’re hitting it right on the edge of the present, maybe there’s more fish with us when came from who knows.

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fly fishing – Excellent Smallmouth Bass (

The sweet smallmouth bass! See it out, guys! So maybe these fish my little smaller of a presentation. Tell your friends to come out and play!

fly fishing for smallmouth bass into the River - Released (
fly fishing for smallmouth bass into the River – Released (

The Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass move to another area

fly fishing into the River - move another areas (
fly fishing into the River – move to another area (

Okay if I don’t catch the small map in this hole, I might as well just leave cuz this looks like the best spots fishing came up to so far. You have some main current coming along right here you got some a pretty good amount of present going along the river right here, and then write about in front of me all the way to the bank is slow-moving water it got some rocks I can see some big rocks in the water. And just slow water next to the primary current with some stones that’s perfect areas for same of the Hangout just got chill to find food to eat things like that. My confidence is pretty high right now, so hopefully, I can get some fish here and let’s figure it out!

fly fishing into the River - Fish biting (
fly fishing into the River – Fish biting (

There we go, that was an only a couple Cast on here, and I got hooked up feels like it could be a nice smallmouth or a sweet something, it’s not was a dinky little one for sure, I can’t really tell. He’s just not coming right to the surface I haven’t even seen it yet, this might be my new favourite thing is fighting fish on the lighter fly rods because I mean this is not a huge smallmouth, but he’s fighting really hard on this lighter rod. Man some sweet colours on this fish! Check it out just a beautiful river smallmouth bass!

fly fishing into the River - beautiful smallmonth bass (
fly fishing into the River – beautiful smallmonth bass (

I love those little spots on them, so cool-looking. then now release this beautiful colours smallmouth bass!

release this beautiful colours smallmouth bass (

The Best Spot Fishing on fly fishing for smallmouth bass into this River

fly fishing - hook up smallmouth bass (

There we go, nice smallmouth! Awesome guys, I was just outcast in the upstream and throwing around where I caught that last Earl up for his first decent sized smallmouth I caught. And I guess he had it friendly with him stay out from there to help, I can’t control these fish! They’re trying to go under to all these logs over here.

fly fishing - maybe 14-inches smallmouth bass (

Okay, now he’s getting a little safer area I’ve been catching lots and lots of like you know fish that are probably 5 inches long which is kind of you know fun to catch fish I guess, but I’m really looking for fish this size or bigger nice little smallmouth. Nothing real big maybe 14-inches.

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fly fishing for smallmouth bass - release smallmouth bass (

thanks for the fun dude, I’ll let you go now!

I got snagged but the fish is not caught

got snagged but the fish is not caught

Dang it!that got me so excited its I got snagged just somewhere out there in the middle, and it’s pretty far out, and I’m already up to my waist in water. So probably can’t walk too much farther here. He or she goes well I guess I’ll just tie on a bigger streamer now I have a few bigger streamers that are smallmouth cast streamers, and so maybe they’ll help me get a bigger fish, but either way, we’re in keep visions and hopefully getting some nice ones.

Moving to Another Area Again in this River

fly fishing for smallmonth bass - jump fishing (

There we go, here’s a fish there might be nice! Can’t see it, okay it’s not that big fish, but first fish in the new streamer since I tied on after I broke off on that Clouser minnow and he’s pulling real hard I just cast over this little eddy on the other side of this current here. Oh, big jump! I hope you guys caught that really small Eddy on the other front of me mainly right on the edge of the bank, and I cast it over there, and he came right out of there and hit the streamer.

fly fishing - whole streamer in his mouth (

man he engulfed that streamer checks that out not very big fish but a man he took the whole streamer in his mouth.

Fly Fishing Bait for Smallmouth Bass into the River
fly fishing bait for smallmonth bass into the river (
fly fishing bait for smallmouth bass into the river (

Here’s a quick look at the streamer that caught that last fish on it’s still a pretty small streamer, but it is a little bit bigger than the last one I was using. I’m hoping maybe I’ll get some bigger fish or some more aggressive fish on it and perhaps a few lessons like they’re really small like five-six inch bass I’ve been catching. Either way, it’s a beautiful little streamer has some perfect action I’m gonna keep fishing with it and hopefully pull into a giant.

Stikes some another Smallmouth Bass in Fly FIshing in the River

There we go oh my gosh that smallmouth bass slammed it, oh, please be a big one. My lines in the lousy position here oh geez okay I got it oh my gosh that smallmouth usually like slammed it’s so hard I haven’t seen you yet, but it feels like it might be a big one. he’s not really pulling any line out, but he’s pulling her sure better than the rod good oh not he’s a little jump for us that’s not a bad one that might be my biggest one so far today. Can’t really tell that, looks like a good size when we had jumped through. This day is undoubtedly turning around for the better I came out here with pretty little confidence I mean I figure I’d catch some tiny fish, but I was afraid I was gonna find the only really small fish in that entire posting for you guys. But now I’m catching a few decent-sized fish so definitely makes the assignment a little more exciting fun for me. at least there we go nicely not quite as big fish as I thought it was but it’s an excellent lengthy fish breathe in a smash that little streamer though.

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fly fishing bait for smallmonth bass - not quite as big fish (

Thanks for the funny dude.

The last Smallmouth Bass in Fly FIshing in the River

There we go oh man another little tiny guy but hey first fish is caught in a little while is that considerable ground no it’s small well just another tiny smallmouth. but lots of these guys in here coffee you decent fish and overall I’m pretty happy I’m finding fish and I’m catching on the fly rod which was my primary goal for today.

fly fishing bait for smallmonth bass - tiny fish (

so it’s a pretty good day now we can you get a few nice ones.

Well, that’s going to conclude my little smallmouth trip. Hopefully, you guys liked this post. I think it was lots of fun I definitely call this a success, I really wasn’t sure if I was gonna get on many fish let alone anything of decent size, and I didn’t really get any big fish. But I got like a few in the 15 to 16-inch range probably, and I’m pretty happy with that. So anyway thank you guys so much for reading the posting. If you’d like to see some more small off on the fly definitely let me know in the contact page. I know bass isn’t the most popular post that makes I think smallmouth has a more popular of the two or largemouth and smallmouth and when you at fly fishing. I think it’s a little more unique and different so hopefully, you guys liked it. I sure had fun doing it so thank you guys so much for listening, and of course, I’ll catch you next time