florida fishing
As we all know that Florida is sunshine state that becomes a paradise for fisherman. More and more fishermen from all over the country come and enjoy Florida fishing adventure. Do you know that in central Florida alone, you will be able to find more than 500 lakes? These kind of places are a perfect spot for you to spend your free time with your family and friend.

Florida Fishing Guide

If you are a visitor, you obviously need to familiarize yourself with this beautiful area. Before you can start with your Florida fishing adventure, you should get in touch with the local guide that will help you know the best Florida fishing spot.
Choosing the right fishing guide is very important. Good fishing guide usually also good fishermen too. Your guide will able to help you to find the right bait to help the lure that you need.

Largemouth Bass – most popular game fish

As we all know that you can easily find various fish species in Florida. Hundreds of beautiful lakes in Florida have become a sanctuary for different fish species. Fish species in Florida include catfish, cichlid, gar, herring, bass and many more.

The largemouth bass is popular among the fishermen in this region. This kind of bass lives typically in non-flowing water with cover to protect their eggs. Most freshwater lake in Florida has this big fish. Size wise the big one can reach up to 24 inches. This kind of fish feed on frogs, snake, crawfish, salamanders and even small birth and baby of alligator too can be eaten by bigmouth bass.

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Fish a largemouth bass is quite challenging. However, with the right technique, you will be able to catch this big face. Life bait is advisable. A beat up warm is perfect bait for bigmouth bass. Many fishing experts believe that this fish love to ambush wounded warm.

Florida fishing is a great adventure. You and your loved one will have great fun with this kind of door activity.