florida bass fishing
Fresh water Bass fishing is a very popular outdoor adventure in the US. There are many rivers and lakes in the US where you can easily find and catch bass. However, the best bass fishing spot in the US is in Florida. There are many rivers and lake in this sunshine state that make this county fishermen hot fishing destination. Today we are going to discuss Florida bass fishing adventure.

Florida Bass Fishing

Various bass species in region live both in the rivers and the lakes. This includes spotted bass, largemouth bass, Suwannee bass and many more. However, one of the most famous bass fish in Florida is Largemouth bass. This particular fish species is enormous in size especially if you compare with any other freshwater fish. This rare fish species can reach up to 15 lbs. The fact is that largemouth bass not only lives in various lakes in this but also live in pond and river as well.
Fishermen from all over the world come to everglade state to experience Florida fishing adventure. If you want to spend good time with family and friends, Florida bass fishing adventure should be the right option.
As we mentioned earlier that there are many rivers and Lakes in this sunshine state, but if you want to catch fresh water fish, you should come to Okeechobee, George, Crescent, Tarpon and Tohopekalika Lake.

Okeechobee lake
Okeechobee Lake is one of the most popular lakes in Florida.
Fishing at this like is really great. if you want to fish at this lake, you can hire a boat to start your outdoor adventure. In term of fishing technique, many fishermen believe that flipping and pitching technique are the best technique to catch this kind of fish. To maximize your chance to catch them choosing live bait like warm is definitely advisable.

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George Lake
This 46.000 acres lake is the second largest lake in this sunshine country. For the angler, George Lake is one of the best largemouth bass fishing destinations. Located at 29 miles from Ocala, this lake is located central of Florida. This particular lake is about 10 feet in dept. Excessive vegetation is easily found in George Lake. As we all know that largemouth bass love weed and grass as they are home of the aquatic insect. The aquatic insect is included fly, dragonfly, mayfly, stonefly are an excellent food source for largemouth bass. So, the fishers from all over the country and beyond come here to outsmart largemouth bass.

Crescent Lake
Water in Crescent Lake relatively has cleaner water especially if you compare with another lake in Florida. This lake is the best place for bass to grow. Here, you can find the most healthy fish in this sunshine state. The fact is Crescent lake proclaim as the bass capital of largemouth bass in the world. So, if you are a real fishing lover, you should come to Crescent lake to prove that you are a true fisher.

Lake Tarpon
Lake Tarpon is only 2.500 acres, but this is very important bass fishing angler. It has been reported that many fishermen go home with 2 or three dozen fish with a range of 10-pond and more. Located near Tarpon spring, this urban lake is home of largemouth bass. Therefore, anglers all over the country and beyond want to experience exciting fishing adventure at Lake Tarpon. Largemouth bass in Lake Tarpon is healthy and robust bass, so be ready and prepare yourself for great fishing adventure.

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Another bass fishing paradise in Florida is Lake Tohopekaliga. Located in central Florida, this particular lake has plenty of monster fish that attract fishermen from all over the world. If you want to catch the most prominent largemouth bass here, you need to use our the best fishing gear. It is easy to catch 16-pound bass here. There are many fishing tournaments conducted here. This is a time for every angler to show their knowledge and skill to fish largemouth bass in Florida.

Fishing fresh water is really rewarding. It is very well known that Florida is one of the best fishing place in the United State. If you love fishing, you should experience yourself at Florida Bass Fishing Adventure.