Hello there, welcome back to our site fishing blog, and now i will write about dry fly fishing in river Derwent, and I’ve only seen a couple of little flies. Floating around my place probably would have hatched out of my pond, so I thought I’ll come down the river, and hopefully catch a few fish on the meal I took the liberty of attaching the fly in the house before I came down, that’s it there.

flies floating (captchrisfishing.com)

It’s quite a big fly, probably on a size 10 short shank, but that is about the size of a real male fly. If I can find any small slide floating around, I’ll try and catch one and let you see them. But if you’ve done any sort of river fishing, you will be familiar with mere flies, especially if you’re a dry fly fisherman.

Dry Fly Fishing in River Derwent (captchrisfishing.com)

I believe it or not when you’re using the mid-sized pond that’s a dry one would have big wings catches a lot of air, so it’s actually more difficult to catfish distance. So I don’t think I’m going to be able to go for that one, but I’m gonna fish this cooldowns. So typically don’t do but in this case, further downstream to fish up would be a nightmare cast, this cast is pretty good pretty clear behind me.

First Strike! little wild brown trout in River Derwent Dry fly Fishing

Dry Fly Fishing brown trout (captchrisfishing.com)

I was an opportunity to wonder not the fish I was going for. The school absolutely hammered us, came out very easily lost barbless hook, lovely little wild brown trout, very lovely. Big belly on him as well he’s being feed and heavy, let’s put them back.

Strike! another little brown trout in The River Derwent Dry fly Fishing

Dry Fly Fishing another brown trout (captchrisfishing.com)

Hopefully, that commotion won’t have scared the bigger fish off, because that’s what I’m going to go for now. Another little one from this time in front of that rock, just thought the rise and dropped it on the back we’re the real. I think the big lads being scared. So didn’t see it rise again let it grow as well, so I’m playing with little lad, this might be my last fishing from this pond. A week ago that big fly would never have worked for that fella the Dharan mere fly season they become so greedy.

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Dry Fly Fishing another little brown trout (captchrisfishing.com)

If you put the fly on the right, they will take it. As I say a week ago if I put that big me fly on fish would have just looked at it come on over it and just said I we’ve got an ammeter on the water here, now they’re not so sure.

This Dry fly Fishing Line Using Drennen double strength 4 pound nylon

Drennen double strength four-pound nylon

Most not just give you a little note on the line that I’m using that is what attaches the fly to my actual fly fishing in river line, it is Drennen double strength four-pound nylon, or as a fluorocarbon cannot remember I’ve had it too long. four-pound line anyway double strength, so it’s very very thin that allows me to cast tiny flies very very neatly undoubtedly loud enough for anything I’m going to catch in this river.

I don’t use a braided leader or anything like that, simply just put a little loop at the end of my fly line, and tie, the Drennen double strength to that and straight to the fly as Luqman that worse for wear but it’ll catch another fish I’m sure.

Challenging fly Fishing downstream underneath & Tips

Dry Fly Fishing downstream underneath (captchrisfishing.com)

We’ll see one fish rise, and it’s downstream underneath an overhanging tree, which to be honest you have to be pretty good with a spinning rod to actually get to give a go with a fly rod though not expecting too much from this one. The branches over there, are approximately between three feet and two feet off the water surface, and I’ve got about nine feet to grow underneath them to actually get to where the fish is rising, it is challenging. Just drop the whole lot it’s a tree to the full-on triangle. Believe it or not, snuff the little branch on four-pound nylon, and I got my flies back. This is a tip, I remember laughing I’ve actually lost the fly in the tree, you put it into the tree, don’t just knock it out straight where, it gently pulls it and even if it’s wrapped around a few times around the branch, nine times out of ten the hook doesn’t stick in the branch the line will just come up, fly I’ll go around the branch and drop back out into the river.

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Dry Fly Fishing rocks sticking (captchrisfishing.com)

Because of the back cast, this one might be asking for trouble. But we caught two fish it’s not gonna make much of a posting and trying at least one or two more. You’ve got rocks sticking out the river, but submerged rocks under the rivers, the drag on this is going to be awful. Hopefully, I’m getting accurate enough cast just on top of a fish and for the biggest before the flies does to drag.

Strike and Again a Tiny Brownie Trout in The River Derwent Dry fly Fishing 

Dry Fly Fishing tiny trout fish (captchrisfishing.com)

that’s again another tiny trout fish, little brown trout went back.

Dry Fly Fishing trout fish (captchrisfishing.com)

That’s again another tiny trout fish, little brown trout went back. Actually, very few fish rise and the air temperature is very very cool today, don’t think it got above 13 degrees, so mid-afternoon would probably have had a bit of a hatch of mere fly, and then nothing. I’ve never seen one since I’ve been down here, which is a bit of a bummer, but the poverty been on the river because the fish are absolutely pounding my little flight pattern, when I put it over the right. I’m ignoring it, but we did manage to catch a few that’s three so far I’ve got about a 400-yard stretch to walk down now a very flat bore and stretch, but if I see any reasonable fish rise, I will put a fly over them. hopefully, it won’t be too dark, too soon.

Now I mentioned before about the daytime air temperature, was about 13 degrees now with probably a seven or eight it is very very manipulative really cool breeze in the back of my neck. But it’s still a few fish arising with the very bottom of that pool now, the longest slowest most tedious part of River Derwent as far as I’m concerned. A few fish is rising that doesn’t look very big, but that might just want to me if I guess. As you know the problem with fishing a long slow bore and stretch is that the fish could be anywhere right here, move six to eight feet away rise again it’s not like a regular pool where fish will get tucked in behind rocks or between a feeding land, they do move about in the slough or almost non-moving water. That makes me more difficult to locate, so it’s just a question of it involve really only took a fly out and a likely-looking spot, or you’re lucky enough to be able to drop on only on one’s nose, Just after it’s risen so at least you’re in the ball part of where it is and hope that it might increase for your fly. if you find just watching a fly slowly drift down a really slow moving River. to Boram like a dew always cast out and just gradually twitch it back but if the fly is trying to get away from the water, who knows if it’s crash-landed and it’s trying to get out little twitch leave it, a little twitch, leave it again, a little twitch, leave it again. that can sometimes attract fish some further away and if you just let it float down static.

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Dry Fly Fishing in river - boring (captchrisfishing.com)

excuse us such a got down born we fishing, I don’t like the still war.

Dry Fly Fishing in river - still fishing (captchrisfishing.com)

But let’s go fish in the still water, very dull we have caught the moon. Well, I might not have liked the pond that I caught this fella from, but he’s a real beauty, look at that. Hopefully, you can see all the red spots on them, beautiful wild brown trout. Determined to be free, so he’s going to be.

Dry Fly Fishing in river - little brown trout (captchrisfishing.com)

Fast water, slow water, it doesn’t really matter. You’ve got the right fly on, and you put it in the right place you will catch fish. Flies about naked but it was still floating, and it only had one application of gink as well, and that was at home caught four fish I think, and it even floats, that just proves how good the dingey is an excellent story. I guess I’m going to have anywhere more a fish because what might not look it, certainly doesn’t look it on the viewfinder it’s pretty much dark now. Nope Reason but really thinks that there was something right and now too dark for me to see anyway. Can’t see where I’m casting, to can’t see the fly on the water. So I think I’ll call this want the end of this post.