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trout fishing tips and techniques

Tip for Fly Fishing Muddy Water for Trout

Sorry for the non-recent activity. Its hard to get out on water with this warm water and temps In this quick video I explain one of the best proven nymphing tactics for fishing muddy water... source

Great Lakes Salmon Trout Luhr Jensen fly | Rapala Fishing Tips

Trolling the Great Lakes to find deep salmon and trout using the Luhr-Jensen Flash Fly and Coyote Flasher. Rapala Ambassador Italo Labignan touches on the specifics to find and catch these... source

Fly Fishing For Brook Trout

Learn my favorite fly fishing technique for catching brook trout. Every summer I camp along the Ellis River in New Hampshire and fly fish. I have discovered through years of experimentation... source

Ready2Fish TV: Trout Fishing Tips & Tricks with Mike D. of Lunkerville

Watch Ready2Fish® Television with host Mike de Avila of Lunkerville sharing tips & tricks for great Trout fishing. As always, Mike "D" is entertaining and informative! Lunkerville is sponsored... source

Oven steamed sea trout

Want more? Sign up to get my video recipe. Fcbok group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/101482743701532/ Like EveryDay Cooking: https://facebook.com/EveryDayCoooking Follow EveryDay Cooking:... source

Trout Spey Streamer Fishing Tips with Sage ONE 5 Weight Switch Rod

http://www.redsflyfishing.com/Spey-Rods-for-Trout-s/358.htm This video will help you learn to streamer fish with a switch rod for trout, and hopefully motivate you to polish your casting stroke... source

Fishing for Rainbow Trout at Roaring River State Park Cassville Missouri

Thought I would post this short video of me catching a couple rainbow trout at Roaring River State Park, Cassville Missouri. I will be adding more fishing videos and mushroom hunting videos... source

Brook Trout Fishing the Black River in Northern Michigan

Michigan Gone Wild is in pursuit of late summer Brook Trout on the Black River in Northern Michigan. With a combination of terrestrials, wet fly's, spoons and spinners, Jordan and Joe team... source

Jonathan Tomlinson’s Top Tips for Stillwater Trout 2013

Sportfish expert JT from our Reading store offers up his top tips for the start of the 2013 stillwater trout season! source

Tips on Trolling for Lake Trout using Crank Baits and a Teaser Trailing Spoon

Hello folks, this week we're back in the freshwater as we've geared up with crank baits, t-turns, and the SS Viper Spoon as we troll for those lovely lake trout. The day started out calm though... source

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