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fishing Temperate Bass tips

Heavy Cover – You need to know this Fishing Tip – Bass Fishing – All the Details

Love when this happens. Explaining a detailed fishing tip about flipping and end up catching a BIG BASS. This Fishing Tip will go into deep detail about the ... source

How to Rig a Punch Rig for Heavy Cover Bass Fishing

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Keith Combs talks us through and shows us how he rigs a "punch rig" for fishing heavy cover in places where a jig might get hung ... source

The BEST Bass Fishing Tip I Have EVER Put Out!!!

This has to be one of my best bass fishing tips I have put out I believe. It will help you organize your tackle and save you crucial time on the water. source

Trick Worm Tips for Bass Fishing Never Revealed – Until Now!

Unique tricks for floating worms revealed for the first time ever! These are original trick worm techniques others will copy! Nobody has made a video like this until ... source

Finding and Catching Post Spawn Bass Offshore

Wired2Fish's Jason Sealock and Terry Brown land on a good school of post spawn bass by targeting wind-swept points in this fun and informative video. source

Post Spawn Bass Fishing Tips – Senko

BassGeek goes over how to skip a Senko for post spawn Bass. Email: [email protected] Music: ... source

TROUT MAGNET Creek Fishing – HOW TO Setup, Rig & Fish + TIPS

Could the TROUT MAGNET be the BEST creek fishing lure of all time!? In this video I take one of my favorite lures creek fishing. I show you guys the setup, how ... source

Fishing Tip: Add The Carolina Rig To Your Summer Bass Strategies

The time-honored Carolina rig should be one of your “go-to” tactics to tempt strikes from finicky, summertime bass. Follow these tips for choosing the right rod, ... source

Bass Fishing at Rainbow Reservoir ~ Catching Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

In this video Megan and I take the boat to Rainbow Reservoir in Windsor, CT and do some bass fishing! source

Bass Fishing Poppers — Quick Tips #2

Having the right tools for topwater can make or break that giant smallmouth that just smashed your popper. Pay close attention to these quick, but effective tips to ... source

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