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Fly Fishing Big Rivers for AGGRESSIVE Fish

Searching big rivers for Smallmouth bass! Casting small streamers into little pockets and current breaks payed off big time. It took a little searching, but I finally ... source

‘Phin Farm – Florida Sport Fishing TV

Join Captain Mike for an action packed mission to find gaffer dolphin, Florida's most popular game fish. The Florida Sport Fishing crew discusses the tackle and ... source

Jimmie Jack’s Alaska Fishing Lodge: Another Great Alaska Fishing Summer

The Highlights of Jimmie Jack's 2016 Summer Fishing Season We just wrapped up the summer fishing season at the Alaska Seascape Lodge. We had a great ... source

Catching GIANT Spring Bass (My NEW PB of 2018)

After spending two full days grinding it out on Texas lakes I FINALLY connected with a HUGE bass! Just goes to show that you NEVER GIVE UP! I hope you all ... source

A UNIVERSAL TIP that will HELP YOU Land Stocked Trout! (Philadelphia, PA)

READ the description for MORE DETAILS (including gear used)! Like my creations?! Support me financially on Patreon: ... source

The Great Alaskan Adventure

Short film of my Adventure to Alaska with my father, step brother, and our friend and his dad. It was an epic Adventure and I plan to go back. one of the beats ... source

Great Alaska Bear Camp!

Here is a followup to my re-cut of my Great Alaska Adventure Bear Camp trip. source

Bass Fishing For Beginners – What Lures and Tackle do You Buy First – How to Fish

In this bass fishing for beginners, how to fish video I go to Sportsman's Warehouse and walk you through the first lures, tackle box, and tackle that you should buy ... source

My First Time FLY Fishing!! (Was not expecting this..)

I decided that it was time to take the leap! I've always used spinning rods/reels but I wanted to give FLY FISHING a try! I've never used a fly rod before, so this ... source

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