carp baitChoosing the right Carp Bait is very important especially if you catch the biggest carp ever. Carp are freshwater fish that gains its popularity among the fishers in the USA. Before we discuss more detail about this what the so-called queen of the river, it will be better to know that this fish is part of Cyprinidae. This means that carp is the most abundant vertebrate animal family that live in the water. The expert also said that these fish belong to Minnow family or carp family. In this article, you will learn about where to find Carp and the best carp bait to be used to maximize your success.

Where to Find Carp
Just like any other fishing tips, finding the right spot for carp is very important. There is no point casting around randomly as there is less chance you will see them. To find the right place for your prey, you have to know the habit of this freshwater fish. Here are some tips to find carp.

Warmer water temperature
In every body of water, the temperatures are not distributed evenly. The fact is that the shoreline both for the river stream or the lake has a warmer temperature than the main water body. Just like bass fish or bluegill fish, carp love warmer water temperature. Pond and lake that have warmer temperature are the best places for carp. Aiming your bait near to the shoreline is advisable. This increases your chance of success significantly.

Muddy, Silty and cloudy water
Some angler may able to find carp at clean water. However, carp living in fresh water is rare. Moody, silty, and murky water are the best place for them. Look around and find a river and a lake that has such above mention condition.

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Water vegetation.
Once you arrive at the river, ponds or lake, look around and find aquatic vegetations. This fish usually hide and live under patches of grass, weeds and so on. These particular water conditions are a suitable habitat for the aquatic insect-like minnows, shellfish and many more.

The Best Carp Bait

So, now you want to experience carp fishing excitement. The next thing is to choose the right carp lure. Two most popular carp lures are corn and boilies.

Corns are one of the best carp bait for every angler. Corn is cheap and easy to get. You can find corn almost everywhere. Therefore, corn is a bait of choice for carp fishing. So, what type corn that you can use for carp bail? Well, basically there are two types of corn that you can use. First is sweet corn or canned corn that you can buy easily from the grocery store. Secondly, use feed corn. You can get feed corn from feed stores, nurseries and you can obtain it from the hardware store near you.

Unlike feeder corn, sweet corn is the easiest way to prepare your carp lure. Just open the can, and your bait is ready to use. However, sweet corn bait has a downside as attracts smaller fish to steal your bait. Small catfish or bluegills love sweet corn too.
When it comes to carp bait, feeder corn is the most effective bait that every angler should know. However, you need some ample time to prepare it. Both cracked corn and whole feed corn are dry. This dry corn needs to be boiled and soaked for several hours before you can use it as carp bait. To be precise, you have soaked feed corn for at least 12 hours prior used. To make your corn swell and soft you can boil it for about 2 hours. Once they are soft and expand, your lure is ready.

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Boilies most popular commercial bait
One of the most commercial carp bait is boilies. This particular bait comes at any flavor. Unlike corn, boilies are easy to use. There is no preparation here. Just open the bag, and you can use it straight away. In the water, boilies hold up tightly. So, it is suitable for water with a large number of small stealing fish.

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