Just like other fish, there are many ways to catch crappie. Most professionals angler will do the very beginning steps by understanding its character, habit and origin to help them decide the best fishing lures for bass. Therefore, crappie fishing rigs always become an easy job to do especially when it is spring or summer.

best fishing lures for bass


Habitat and Biology 


Crappie fish generally comes with 5-12 inches and 1/2-1 pound. However, this social fish can still grow larger in a certain condition. They are also included in the sunfish that mostly live in North American fresh water. This is also called as the spring fish that we will find them spawning between May and June. At this time, The male fish will make a nest under the shallow water where the female will lay around 5,000-60,000 eggs that will hatch around 2-5 days. This is super fertile breedes that sometimes become more over-populated ending up with the uncontrolled population. At this spring, crappie will occur in shallower water which they love the weeds, rocks, and brush under the water.


It is primarily species of fish that crappie usually feeds, including the young crappy that means they are cannibal. Besides, this species also eat insect, zooplankton, and crustaceans.

How to Catch More Crappie Fish During Spring?

Some lures like spinnerbaits or crankbaits work good for all the season, but when the temperature increase to 60 degrees the bass loves slower presentation. Hence, the soft plastics like jigs work much better in this situation.

Despite that characteristic, the only thing that most anglers concern is how to fish through all season with the best baits. Hence, the following techniques here will help you to catch more bass in any situation. It is included the spawning stage in the spring that naturally happens to crappie fish.

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Choosing the Best Crappie Fishing Rigs

Jigs are the most popular and versatile lures to catch crappie. It is adaptable to any season and type of bass including the crappie. They are typically eager to attack it when it is set properly.

Understand that the best fishing lures for bass like jigs are sold in pre-made lures. However. it typically comes with the interchangeable system rather than specific lure. The list below are our specific crappie fishing rigs:


This is a jig that comes with a spinner blade. This spinnerbaits for crappie are basically the same as the one used generally for fishing bass, but it is smaller. Sometimes it has metal, gold or silver blade that can flash in the water so it can attract the crappie.

Self Made Jigs

Some anglers also love making customize jig so it can be easily matched with other stuff. This is an endless choice for you to help you test what works better in certain crappie area. The two parts you need to choose are the jig body and jig head.

  1. The Jig Head

It comes with a wide range of sizes and colors that you can use to catch multiple fish species as well. For crappie fish, you only need to use the 1/8 oz, 1/16 oz, 1/32 oz or 1/64 oz.

  1. The Jig Body

Meanwhile, the jig body has a number of sizes and shapes that typically are made of plastic. Usually, the curly-tails and tubes are the most favorited.

Hence, for this flexibility, jigs are said to be the best fishing lures for bass. However, if you are not fond of those best fishing lures for bass, you still can use the live bass as your crappie fishing rigs.

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However, you need live bait instead of using the above best fishing lures for bass to get more bites.

Live Minnows

The live minnows are said to bet the most used live baits to catch crappie. It is easy to find in the tackle or bait shops with multiple sizes. Only, just use the smallest minnows around 1 or 1 1/2 inches on your minnow trap or the cast net.


Even though the grubs like wax worms, mealworms, and others are not as big as the minnows, these larval insects are best to use as the best baits to catch crappie. You can use it for ice fishing for crappie.

Man Mad Baits

If you don’t know, instead of some best fishing lures for bass, the man mad baits are the good choices. These smelly pellets come in wide range of prices, scents, and colors that are really friendly and easy to use.

Keep in mind, if you use the live bait to catch them, use the correct size of hook. When it is too small, the fish will never get off it. Or, when it is too big, it is impossible for the bass to bite it. If you use the minnows, use a bobber and test the different depth until finally, you catch the bass.

In some seasons like summer and spring, fishing in the shallower areas will attract more bites as they actively lay down the eggs under the shallow water. They are easy to hook during this season as the fish are less active. Decide to do it in the early summer and spring.

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Some Crappie techniques You Can Use to Catch Them

Despite using the best fishing lures for bass, it is also important to know some techniques on fishing crappie. You can try the following list as well:

Vertical Jigging

This is the most common fishing techniques used for crappie which is typically using the same “yo-yo”. This technique allows the bait fall to the desired depth. Just remember to keep it slow so you will give an opportunity for the crappie to catch it.

Bobber or Float Fishing

It is the classic method to catch any bass which helps you relax even do it while drinking. It is often used with a jig or minnow by many anglers. Besides, this technique allows you to fish at a certain depth that really helpful to cast the tiny jigs.

The remaining note: using the best fishing lures for bass or crappie fishing rigs will work maximum if you use the right technique combination.