Bass fishing is one of the most popular sports in the U.S., Australia, Canada and other countries. Various tournaments are held each year to allow hundreds of participants to boost their newly caught bass. While bass is an edible fish, people who participate in bass fishing do not treat it as food, instead they return it back into the water after measuring and weighing their award-winning catch.

The secret to a successful career in fishing bass largely depends on the types of equipment you use. Be aware, however, that the equipment used by a fly-fishing angler are different from the types of equipment used for bass fishing. For this reason, it is important to determine the items you need for your first bass fishing kit.

Bass fishing provides a plethora of lures and techniques. However, choosing the right types of equipment for a beginner may be a confusing task. Because of this, many novices collects hundreds of rods, lures, and reels that end up inappropriate for fishing bass species. To avoid wasting a lot of money trying and testing to find the right equipment, you should first understand your options to make an informed decision.

Contents of your First Bass Fishing Kit

Buying rods, reels, and your tackle is the most important thing to consider when starting a hobby or career in bass fishing. Due to the variety of lures available, you may need several rods to fish correctly. However, you don’t need to buy all rods at once, especially when you’re just mastering your skills.

For beginners that are planning to fish in clear waters, it is best to start out with just two types of rods – a 6’ medium-action, spinning rod and a 6’6” heavy-action, flipping rod. Having these two kinds of rods on hand can allow you to master different soft-plastic techniques and go on to learning techniques that are more advanced when you purchase other rods.

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About choosing artificial lures, you shouldn’t follow an expert angler and buy dozens of different lures at one time. Instead, you should stick to the basics to keep your selection simple. Be aware that having plenty of lures can only make it more difficult for you to choose the appropriate bait.

There are four categories of lures available for bass fishing – soft plastics, jig and pig, spinner baits or crank baits and top waters. Each type of lure has different colors, sizes, designs and appearances that could match any kind of weather or water condition.

Once you have chosen the tackle and lure, you can now master your bass fishing skills and enter a competition one of these days. You’ll never know it… you may just be the next bass fishing state champion that is yet to be born.