Alright, guys, it is a beautiful sunny day at the end of March down here in Philadelphia. we got a pretty interesting target species today Albino Catfish and Striped Bass Fishing in Delaware River, and we’re trying to catch a couple of those, but we’re also targeting the Striped bass. I got my kayak, and we’re going to the Delaware River, I’m going to meet up with my buddy, and we’re gonna do a little fishing today.

Albino catfish are like a rare find in Delaware, but this time of year for some reason there’s this one hole that produces categories catfish. Okay look they see the forsythia over there that forsythia. When you see the forsythia you know, it’s time to go for the albino catfish, as well as the striped bass. We’re going to go check out this hole and also do a little striper fishing and see what we can do today.

Oh yeah, this is all no trespassing over here, this little spot here, is like the only spot. Yeah alright, so we’ve launched on the Delaware River, this is pretty far south. we’ve come to this region because we heard reports of albino catfish here in years past. This is one hole out here and also stripers you know the stripers come in and out of here so we’re using this bunker these are fresh menhaden that they net or trap down in the saltwater, and the bays and stuff. I got to throw the head chunks out for the stripers and then smaller pieces for the catfish.

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albino catfish (

First StrikeĀ Albino in Delaware River:

oh my god it’s an albino Catfish. it’s an albino catfish, oh yeah guys, that’s the best kind of Chani you can catch just because it’s only in an albino, I’ve never caught one of these before the first one I ever caught in my life.

I’m due for one though I’ve caught so so so many of the catfish now by no palomino of catfish, of course, he has only one eye.Ā You know most catfish in Delaware just have one eye but uh and like the weirdest punch hole punches like in his fin look at this, so that’s awesome, pretty psyched about that let’s go ahead and snap a pic of this rarest specimen an albino.

I’m gonna go ahead and release the albino catfish a rare species.

release albino catfish

Second StrikeĀ Striped Bass Fishing in Delaware River:

I’ve got the second strike of the striped bass there’s asteroid all right not wrong quite a cow not quite a cow definitely ran like a bass on that he felt he knew that was a bass see how much weight he’s not a real big one, not the one we’re looking for.

striped bass (

But uh nine pounds striper not too bad, that’s cool, though very good go ahead and release it.

Alright so after those eyeless catfish the action really slowed down we were getting consistent catfish bites, but we weren’t getting any good bite. So we weren’t getting an albino catfish, so we kept moving around we tried different depths we tried different holes. And it didn’t work out but in the end, finished out on top with that albino. That was a really cool strike – I mean he wasn’t sick he’s a nice little addition, but that’s not the size striped bass said you want to be caught in the spring. when you’re spending 30 bucks on bait, but yeah I mean that’s kind of we got you know we fish till dusk the wind picked up and this is it absolute colony we’re done wind got crazy just in the last 10 minutes and one albino catfish which was impressive on a nine pound bass which was kind of Awesome. but catfish made it worth the trip but yeah we’re out of here we’ll be trying again though real soon well it just in ten minutes these way it’s got big waves coming over the gunnels and stuff get me splashed just in the last 10 minutes so all it takes all right guys that was a good day I mean we got a targeted species you know we got the targeted species the albino catfish and the striped bass so definitely a success I mean we didn’t catch any big striped bass I was hoping to have found a 50-pound striper but that didn’t happen today I’m gonna be doing a lot of fishing this year I mean I will always do it a lot of fishing, so hopefully I can catch some more fish, and I’ll see you guys next time

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