alaska halibutAlaska halibut fishing is a favorite outdoor sport in the United States. The best halibut fishing destination In USA is Alaska. For many century people from all over the country and beyond comes to this region to experience Alaska halibut fishing adventure.

Alaska Halibut fishing

Before 1896, commercial halibut fishing has difficulty selling their fish. This particular fish got rotten before reached the market. M. McCauley of Juneau placed his fish with Alaska glacier and packed them together in wooden boxes. This method prevents halibut from rotting.

This flat fish can live up to 40 years old and reach up to 8 feet long and 500 pounds of weight. However, Mostly anglers only able to catch 10 to 100 pound which is about 8 to 15 years old. Halibut can live in the depth of 3500 of feet. Most anglers catch this particular fish at 90 to 800 depths. The fact is that this flat fish weight more than 100 pound is female while male rarely can exceed more than 100 pounds. In term of taste, a smaller size is tastier than the big one. This fish species spend the winter time at the deepest location they can reach. During summer time or after spawning they start to migrate to the shallow water. This migration activity happens during November and March.

If you want to catch this flat fish, a good Alaska halibut fishing technique needs to be applied. You have to choose proper bait like octopus or live squid and head. Colored plastic fish is also used to attract your pray. You need to aim your lure to the bottom of the sea floor where halibut usually spend time. After you put your bait down, try to do several casts. If nothing happens, you need to work another position until you catch the fish that you want.

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Alaska Halibut Fishing Season

Before you start your fishing adventure in Alaska, you need to plan your trip in advance. The best time to come to Alaska for halibut fishing season fall between June to August. However, some angler still enjoys and able to catch flatfish on May or even at the beginning of September.

Fishing halibut on May
Fishing halibut on the beginning of May is a bit cool. Real summer temperature is still not arriving at full scale. However, when it reaches the end of the month, Temperature is getting warmer and so halibut fishing can be started.

Fishing halibut on June
June is considered the best time for halibut fishing in Alaska. June offers a high temperature. At this time you can easily find halibut at the shallower water. So I am sure you will get a good time with your halibut fishing adventure.

Fishing halibut on July
During this period of time, most halibut move toward the mouth of the river to feed. Mostly you can fish halibut at a depth of 80 to 90 feet, but in some cases, you only need 20 feet to get your prey. The beginning of July is also the right time to find red snapper and lingcod.

Fishing halibut on August
Many areas in Alaska, August consider as the best time for halibut fishing. Temperatures wise is still very nice, but sometimes you find windy days at this month. Statistically, the biggest halibut are caught on August every year. August has the warmest water temperature. This condition allows halibut more active for feeding. Therefore August is the best time to catch halibut in Alaska.

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Fishing Halibut on September
At this time halibut fishing season is going to end. However, you will be still able to catch some fish if you want too.

Alaska halibut fishing is a great fishing adventure. So prepare your fishing gear and have fun with your fishing adventure