Oh, what’s going on everybody, today in this post about going to Finding spot fishing “Hidden spot location”. I’m going on a fishing adventure. I’m heading to a pond fishing location that I’ve never been to it appears to be a small pond and the only way to get to it is on a gravel road.

I’m going to have to walk it, looks like I’m going to have about a half mile walk something around there, and I don’t even know if there’s going to be any bank access. This could end up being a complete fail, but I think it’s going to be pretty fun than the less so I’m going to head out there and hopefully find this pond. I’m about halfway to where this hidden pond is located. It’s somewhere off into the woods.

fishing tips - walk to find pond (captchrisfishing.com)

I’ve been paying attention to the satellite image on my phone, and the pond I believe is somewhere off in those woods, I’m just going to start heading through the woods and hopefully find this thing.

finding pond fishing - little stream (captchrisfishing.com)

This is turning out to be a lot harder to get to the man I first imagined, the terrain back here it’s pretty tricky. I think I’m pretty close to this pond fishing, I’m not sure, but there is this little stream coming from the direction that I believe the lake to be located, so I think I’m just going to follow that and hopefully find a spot.

The discovery of the first disappointing pond fishing

finding pond fishing - find it (captchrisfishing.com)

Finally found it guys, this first spot doesn’t that look good at all there is ZERO bank access. I found a small little bit of Bank access, there are a couple other little uh areas that look like there might be access, but for the most part, this Bank is pretty overgrown.

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I’m going try to fish here hopefully catch something, as you can tell there is a surface layer of vegetation. I’m hoping I’ll be able to just fish beneath that because I don’t have many topwater bait options but hopefully I’ll be able to catch something. fishing pond - try to start fishing (captchrisfishing.com)

Guys, I don’t know if there’s any fish in here. Okay, this is pretty disappointing it’s turned into a huge fail. I have not seen any signs of fish in this pond, and I am I’ve been around the pond, once I have fished the best areas that I could get to and I’ve had absolutely zero bites. I’ve tried different lures, and it’s just it appears to be that there is no fish in this pond, so I’m going to backtrack to that Creek that I crossed on the way out here try to find another pond fishing, and maybe find fish in there.

fishing pond - crossed on the way out (captchrisfishing.com)

Well, guys, I have loss probably at least two gallons, and sweat hiking through these woods, but I just came across one of the coolest little spots that I’ve ever found it’s. Almost a tiny small pond this thing is incredible it’s got this little waterfall flowing into it, and there’s got to be fish in here right.

The discovery of two very beautiful Pond Fishing :).

fishing pond - little spots (captchrisfishing.com)

I’m going to attempt to catch something out of here as soon as I tossed it in something going for it, oh that was a fish you guys there are a ton of fish in here. I’m using the smallest hook, that I wasn’t planning on micro fishing, so I only had one small hook.

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fishing pond - start fishing in here (captchrisfishing.com)

Oh, fish on! Hooray, you guys I probably caught one green sunfish, this is such a cool fishing spot see you later buddy, (release) it’s so cool.

fishing pond - caught one green sunfish (captchrisfishing.com)

Fish on! there we go what is this oh it’s a “green sunfish” this is awesome fish, so I’ve seen these I haven’t been able to hook up with one such a cool-looking little fish, see you later buddy (release).

fishing pond - creek chub fish (captchrisfishing.com)

I’m going to show you my setup for how I’m catching these fish, and I’m kicking myself for not bringing my tiny hooks because the smallest hook I had is not quite low enough. I’m getting a ton of bites but very few hookups, but I was lucky enough. I would have for some reason in my in my little tackle box.

fishing pond - little microscopic bobber (captchrisfishing.com)

I had this little microscopic bobber, and I had a relatively small hook, not as small as I’d like it to be, but it is still catching fish, and for bait I usually use pieces of hotdog, and I don’t have any of that, so I’m actually using just a tiny part of worm, and the fish love it.fishing pond - small hook setup (captchrisfishing.com)

I’m going to get back to it and hopefully catch some more, Oh, fish on! Yes, another green sunfish, see you later buddy (release),

fishing pond - another green sunfish (captchrisfishing.com)

fish on! there we go, finally got another one looks like this is the biggest green sunfish not by much but a little bit bigger, see you then buddy (release).

fishing pond - biggest green sunfish (captchrisfishing.com)

It just started raining pretty hard and thundering, so I’m going to head out of here. None of my camera gear is waterproof, and I do not want to get it ruined. Some final thoughts on today it started off I thought,

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fishing pond - rain is come time to go (captchrisfishing.com)

I was going to go the entire day without catching a fish. But I am so glad I stumbled upon this little hidden secret little fishing spot this place is beautiful I cannot believe that this was hidden back here. But the rain is coming down pretty hard, so I’m going to get out of here,I hope you guys have enjoyed Reading my adventure and I will catch on the next one.