Flounder FishingFlounder fishing is prevalent among the fishing enthusiast in the US. Toda more-more angler goes to sea shoreline or river near to the sea. As we all know that the flounder is migrating fish. This means that these particular fish spend their time on both freshwater and saltwater. Just like fishing any other fish species, the fishing founder needs good skill and basic knowledge about this specific fish. The founder is also called flatfish, turbot, sun dub and many more. This particular fish can be easily found in a various state like South Carolina Florida, Alabama, and Florida. However, you also can easily find turbot in the North-eastern coastal areas. Angler love to outsmart founder as this particular fish is a delicate and delicious seafood meal. For anglers who want to get wet and catch anglers, they have to know on how to fish this flatfish. Today, we are going to share various flounder fishing tips and technique for all the fishermen all over the world. These particular fishing tips can be applied both novice and experienced anglers.

Flounder Fishing Tips and Technique

Fish When the Founder Migrate
The fact is that you can catch turbot all year around. However, the best time to outsmart founder is during fall. That is between September and November when the flatfish migrate from freshwater to saltwater or ocean. Spring and summer both are a good time for spawning, Once they get older, they will move toward the sea. However, fishing in the winter and spring are possible, but you will only able to fish the small size of flounder.

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Find the Flounder at the Bottom of the sea or river
As we mention earlier Flounder tend to lie and spend most their time on the bottom of the river, and coastal area where they live. It worth to say that the largest founder subspecies called a “doormat,” referring to its shape love to stay most of their time on the floor of the body water.

Find the Flatfish Under Ledges
If you want to fish this particular flatfish, you have to find the best location for it. This fish love to stay in the area where currents flow from shallow to deeper water. Once you find a specific place with specific characteristic given, you just easily drop you hook there. If you see the right spot, I believe that you can catch more founder that you want. Remember that if you can pick one turbot, you will quickly catch the other one as the usual live in a group.

Check for Flatfish Tracks
The flatfish stay most of the time the ground. When they move away, they leave a specific track that angler can notice it quickly. This can be check when the tide is low. They come back to the same location when the high tide arrives. Finding the right location for flatfish allow the angler to be more productive. When the low tide reach, you can go around and try to find flatfish track. Came back for that particular area and you can drop your line in there.

For the Best Result Use Live Baitfish
The fact is that angler can use any types of bait to catch flounder. However, for the best result, you can use live bait like worm, croakers, mullet or minnow. If you want to to use small bait, you can hook it on the eyes and for large bait try to hooks on the lips. Fresh squid and live shrimp are also recommended.

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We have shared Advance Flounder Fishing Tips and Technique. I hope that you get the benefit from the above fishing tips given. If you like this topic, please share with another fishing lover around the world.