trophy fish8 best Trophy Fish Destination In USA. There is no doubt that every fisherman dream of catching the biggest fish possible. The excitement of fishing sensation makes this outdoor sport popular in our society. Young and old of both sexes love to get wet to outsmart their favorite fish. Fishing is obviously one of the most exciting outdoor sports activities that love by everyone. It worth to mention that there is a various fishing destination where you can catch monster size fish or even unique fish that you will not fish anywhere else in the US. Anflers you are looking for the best trophy fish destination here is the list given:

Best Trophy Fish Destination

Tarpon at Boca Grande, Florida

As we all know that tarpon is a favorite game fish in the USA. The best place to catch tarpon, you have to go to Boca Grade in Florida. Tarpon can reach up to 230 pounds. A fisherman from all over the world comes to Boca Grade to prove their fishing skill and knowledge to get the biggest Tapon possible.

Sheefish at Selawik Valley, Alaska
This remote location is heaven for sheefish anglers. Selawik Valley in Alaska is home of sheefish, and they can reach up to 60 pounds. Sheefish is a cold water fish that can be outsmarted all year around. However, summer is the best fishing time as sheefish are more active when the temperature is warm. During the summertime, these fish move toward the water surface looking for food. The angler who is not familiar with Selewik valley needs to hire some guide for better fishing productivity.

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Largemouth Bass at Castaic Lake, California
As we all know there are many largemouth bass fishing destination in the US. One of the most popular bass lake fishing destinations is Castaic Lake. This particular lake produces the biggest bass of 20. This bass fishing record is astonishing as standard bass size is between 1 to 15-pound ranges. Castaic Lake is not only popular fish fishing, but many visitors came here for boating and swimming.

Red Drum at Pamlico Sound, North Carolina
Pamlico Sound is always associated with Red Drum. Here you can comfortably fish 30-60 pound red drum, but if you are lucky, you may catch over an 80-pound red drum. Red drum is another trophy fish that popular among the angler. The size of red drum is relatively small especially if you compare with tarpon or shark. However, red drum has power and ability to give a good fight. It is worth to mention that strict catch and release rule are applied.

Mako Shark-Massachusetts Bay
Shark fishing is prevalent in the US. There are many sharks fishing destination that you can choose. However, for the best place for shark fishing is Massachusetts Bay. This particular place offers many shark species that you can fish. The fact is that you catch mako shark of 1000 lbs. However, the angler should be careful when fishing this shark. This monster shark tends to attack human or angler.

Walleye Lake of the Woods, Minnesota
Located at north Minnesota, The wood lake is well known for Its Trophy Walleye. You can catch Walleye at any time here. However, winter is the best time for Walleye fishing.

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Golden Rainbow Trout at Mahoning Creek in Pennsylvania
Another trophy fish that popular among the angler is Golden Rainbow. Golden rainbow trout are rare fish species that can be found only at a specific location in the Eastern United States. Mahoning Creek in Pennsylvania is one of the best places for Golden Rainbow trout. The angler from all over the world comes to this place try to outsmart Golden rainbow trout.

Striped Bass at Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
The Chesapeake Bay is known for its striped bass. Known as rockfish, Striped bass is popular among the angler who wants to seek excellent fishing experience. Early fall, late summer, and spring are the best time for striped bass fishing. During this time of year, they move toward the shoreline to feed and spawn.

We have shared 8 best Trophy Fish Destination In USA. I hope you can try any fishing destination given. If you like this fishing article please shares it with another angler that you know.