It is no wonder if most anglers say that trout fish are their favorite. With its attractive color and remarkable skin pattern trout are abundant in North America. Even, people say fishing trout is always interesting. It needs technique, strategy and also patience. However, it doesn’t mean catching trout is difficult. Here are some fun fact you can remember to arrange strategies on the next occasion.

Trout Are Member of the Salmon Family

There is an interesting fact about this beautiful fish that trout are still in the salmon family. They are also categorized as fish with much oil content. So, either cooking trout or salmon will likely the same. You can simply grill, steam, or bake them. Cooking trout with oil is basically a waste and less appropriate.

There Are Several Types of Trout Though

Trot is divided into several types that are defined by their skin pattern, color and also the habitat. The following are things you need to know about the species:

Rainbow Trout

The term of rainbow trout comes from its skin pattern with a colorful line in the middle. This fish become want of the most top species to target by many anglers for its beauty. FYI, the coloration in the middle of its body will also define the sex, maturity and the habitat as well.

Besides, most rainbow trout can grow bigger. One of the bigger trout that angler had ever caught is 48-pound. Meanwhile, the normal size is between 2-8 pounds with a 16-inch length. There is also one interesting characteristic that this fish will always spawn in the same stream. So, this is possible to cast your string on the same spot next season. This spawning moment usually occurs during the spring season. They usually will stay in cooler places like 55-60 degree F in the stream right under the natural cover.

Brown Trout

The Brown Trout mostly live in northern Europe, German or Scotland. But now we also can find it in America. This fish comes in various yellow color like the red, orange, black and so on. The one that lives in California comes in 12-inch of length. However, this type is the most difficult to catch. So, sometimes the new anglers will find this useless if they try to catch them. This is the stubborn fighters and tends to go to the bottom. You can find this species in a slower flowing stream or around large stones or fallen trees.

Golden Rainbow Trout

The golden rainbow trout is also known as the Palomino rainbow trout which is also a color variation of the rainbow trout. However, this is not the sterile hybrids that took some generations to result in this beautiful golden rainbow trout. Last 1954, the golden rainbow trout was spawned in West Virginia with the chimera of golden. In terms of food, the golden trout love scuds, insects, terrestrials and also small crustaceans. You can try to cast on places where the rainbow trout live because basically, it has several characteristics.

However, the species only can be found in some places like Volcano Creek and South Fork. The population is also limited. You will find the golden rainbow trout with 8-12-inch and 8 pounds of weight

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