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Kayak Bass Fishing the Colorado River

Another adventure in the Hobie kayaks with me and Craig. We head to the Colorado river just outside of Austin, TX to see if we can find some good river spotted bass. With a big rain the night... source

Great Lakes Salmon Trout Luhr Jensen fly | Rapala Fishing Tips

Trolling the Great Lakes to find deep salmon and trout using the Luhr-Jensen Flash Fly and Coyote Flasher. Rapala Ambassador Italo Labignan touches on the specifics to find and catch these... source

Use Texas rig worm to Beat Bank Pond Fishing for Bass

pond fishing for bass (captchrisfishing.com)
You know it's hard to beat bank fishing that's some of the most fun, you can have the entire year, and we got a unique opportunity. Right now my good friend invited us to come out, and do some pond fishing for bass. You...

Adventure to Finding Hidden Pond fishing

fishing pond - rain is come time to go (captchrisfishing.com)
Oh, what's going on everybody, today in this post about going to Finding spot fishing "Hidden spot location". I'm going on a fishing adventure. I'm heading to a pond fishing location that I've never been to it appears to be a small pond and...

How to Catching Crappies in Summer with Tube Jig Hooks

Morning guys, I'm now will writing post about How to Catching Crappies in the Summer with Tube Jig Hooks, this morning was pretty lovely looks like it's not going to be mostly sunny to be about 80-degrees today, not too much wind. We're going...

fly fishing for trout in the mountains

Fly Fishing for Trout (captchrisfishing.com)
What is up guys, so I to give this article a little context, I flew out to Colorado with my friend we'll do some fly fishing for trout in the mountains and had a lot of fun catching fish it was an excellent experience...

Lake Bass Fishing Tips to Catch Bass on any River

spinnerbaits - lake bass fishing tips(Fising Tips)
Hey, Capt Chris here, welcome to our fishing blog. Today I'm rewriting about a completed Lake Bass Fishing Tips to Catch Bass on any River to everybody, but I'm mainly talking to the guys that fish from the shore. Because today's to apply to...

Trout Near Me ~ The Best of Trout Heaven for Anglers

Catching trout can be stated as a technology and a recreation. This isn't only approximately the lures you're going to use, but also the location which means also figuring out the species, the number and also the habitat. So, for you who're new to...

Rainbow Trout Fishing Tips: Live Baits or Artificial Baits?

Rainbow trout is one of the most popular fish among fisher which we can find in the fresh water, rivers streams of the Rocky Mountains. Due to its popularity, this fish is now spread in North America. The anatomy The rainbow trout comes with shiny...

Now, You Can Say Ohio Is the Heaven For Anglers! Here Is Why!

We think you are familiar with fish Ohio. This place is beautiful with around 50,000 ponds and lakes to choose from. Of course, the species are abundant with crappie, catfish, or even trouts. This place will be your next favorite spots to try a...

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