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Never Caught this Before! | Catching New Freshwater Species | Part 1

I decided to do some fun fishing this weekend. I have a list of fish species that I have caught. I don't do a lot of freshwater fishing so there are not many freshwater species that I haven't... source

Vital Pieces of Where to Take Nj Boating Safety Course

The program is divided into two important parts made to educate the boating enthusiast in skills necessary for a safe voyage on an assortment of waters and boating conditions. If it is given in one day, it will be 8 hours. It includes the...

How To Get Vibrant Colors In Your Fish & Shrimp! | Feeding Shrimp Licorice | Aquascaping

In this video I talk about how you can get vibrant colors in your fish & shrimp! And Shrimp love to eat licorice too! ADU Aquascaping is here to help you with your aquascape. Amano shrimp and... source

Fishing With Circle Hooks

Fishing With Circle Hooks #2
I felt thе tug оf а fish оn my line. Nоt thе tap-tap-tap оf а bluegill, but а solid pull thаt indicated а bass wаѕ taking my nightcrawler. I didn’t set thе hook sharply оr forcefully like I usually do. Instead, I јuѕt swept...

Learning About Boating From Inadequate Dock Lines

My wife аnd I wеrе docked аt а favorite watering hole. It wаѕ а busy Sunday afternoon аnd thе dock hands wеrе already committed tо helping other boats, ѕо when а 30-something go-fast came rumbling іn across frоm us without waiting fоr assistance оr...

ATMOSPHERES: Tropical Animal Habitat

SUBSCRIBE & RATE to keep Mindscapes AD-FREE: https://bit.ly/1X8DBv9 WARNINGS AND SUGGESTIONS! 1) Under no circumstances should you drive a car or operate dangerous machinery while listening... source

Jon Baker’s Guide 4 Adventure – Come Steelhead or High Water

Jon Baker's Guide 4 Adventure - Saturdays at 1:30pm ET on Sportsman Channel. MORE: https://bit.ly/2ktNwQT This week, the JBG4A team is chasing wild steelhead in the largest temperate rain... source

Survival in the Wilderness Tips

watch this if you want to know how to survive in the wilderness. source

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